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Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

KowloonEast: 261C & 234D

the 17-18 year route

Although the 17-18 year route accept to start the route 234D from Tsing Lung Tau to Kwun Tong, going to Kowloon East is just around the corner. But the future of Kowloon East between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun will be fallen apart and the passenger journeys will be detrimental to long-term development. So I will continue to persuade the Transport Department and the bus company to open the 261C route, it is proposed to open from Tuen Mun Sam Shing/Chi Lok/So Kwun Wat to Kwun Tong via Sham Tseng, in line with the development of the Castle Peak Road area and long-term to 962B mode to achieve full-day service. However, the bus company replied that the residents who commute from Sam Shing to Kowloon East, they could take the route 52X, 53 or 61M to Tuen Mun Road Bus-bus Interchange and then interchange with other routes for travelling to Kowloon East. Meanwhile, for the purpose of better utilization of resources, TD will closely monitor the change of travel pattern upon the implementation of route 234D, we will continue to follow up.


Analysis diagram for the East Kowloon services between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun
The current 52X and 40 interchange plan

Kowloon South: 261B & 52X

the 17-18 year route

The 17 – 18 year route is planned to increase the number of trips by 261B from 7:45, and the original departures will change to 7:25. It is expected to implement in this season. Meanwhile, we will continue to strive for extended weekday service and Saturdays and holidays.

If the two trips in the morning do not fit you, residents may consider taking 52X and transfer to 63X at Meifoo, which is a quicker way to access South Kowloon between Mong Kok and Jordan. Residents, however, please be reminded that the headway of 63X can be as long as 30 minutes. Checking the arrival time using the mobile app facilitates your trip planning and ensures a pleasant journey.

The Transport Department recently proposed that 63X will not observe Meifoo anymore. I considered the proposal adversely affecting the residents of the Tsing Lung Tau and Sham Tseng since the transfer between 52X and 63X becomes no longer possible. I expressed that shall Trans. Dept considered this proposal necessary, the service of 261B must be extended to weekday non-peak hours and Saturdays and holidays. Trans. Dept withdrew this proposal in June 2017.


The current 52X and 63X interchange plan

Airport: A31P & NA30

Bus Company submitted the latest proposal

On the Council Meeting on May 17, based on the video record (the process of  A31P observe Tsing Lung Tau), it took not more than 3 minutes. Bus company didn’t have deny the data and submitted proposal to Transport Development to shorten the route of A31P to Belvedere Garden in order to observe Tsing Lung Tau. I expressed support immediately. However,  the route involves the Discovery City, the views of Discovery Park’s District Council Member will be one of the factors under the proposal can be passed. Therefore, the Transport Department hasn’t made any decision on the bus company’s proposal.

On 2 June, bus company announced that to provide more convenient bus services for the public and tourists travelling to and from the Airport in the summer, it will introduce an overnight airbus routes NA30 Tsuen Wan Belvedere Garden to Airport between 7 June and 31 August 2017.

Glommy Prospect Ahead: It is wrong to test demand by trial of single trip from Airport to Tsing Lung Tau 

Since assuming office, I have been liaising with different parties for Airport bus A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau. On the Council Meeting on November 16 , I expressed that the trial in form of a single trip to test demand is us.eless, if not jeoparadising. Those who need to access the Airport at non-rush hours are believed to be mostly travellers. Travel for leisure is of limited times a year. Also, it will be rare that the only trip observing Tsing Lung Tau matches your flight. There are flights from early morning to mid-night. What time should the single trip be scheduled? As such, the usage of this special trip is anticipated be very limited. To test by a single trip at non-rush hours would very likely to send a wrong message that the demand of Airport bus service at Tsing Lung Tau is low. By then Transport Department and Bus Companies would have good excuses to ignore our requests in the future. Real whole day service would become further than ever. I understand from Transport Department today that the Bus Company intends to carry out such trial, a single trip from Airport via Tsing Lung Tau at non-rush hours. I regard this move as damaging to the route development in our district. The detail for this trial will be discussed at the Council in January. I will request Airport bus A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau in a whole-day manner.


Conclusion by Transport Department after consultation

In June 16, our office was informed that Transport Department (TD) intends to submit the consultation result of this year’s Bus Planning 向龍運總經理及運輸署高級主任提出重新檢討方案Programme

to the District Council.The proposed A31P will only observe the stops between Ma Wan Pier to Sham Tseng Interchange. The route which omits Tsing Lung Tau, which Long Win Bus Comapny (LWB) pointed to the insufficient resources allocation, is unreasonable and truly disappointing. Therefore I put my efforts on conducting research, collecting data, making recommendation and doing lobby work. Also, We initiated a petition signing campaign for the residents and the aviation workers to raise our request to TD and LWB for providing Airport bus service to Tsing Lung Tau as soon as possible. Information collected will be used for submitting to TD and LWB during the meeting for the result of Bus Planning Programme.

Regarding the request for the airport bus A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau, I submitted the petition with the signatures of the residents to the Bus Company and Transport Department on the meeting of Traffic and Transport Committee on 4 July. I requested the Bus Company and Transport Department to review the feasibility to extend the route to Tsing Lung Tau within 3 months with the support of the Council.

Tsuen Wan to Tuen Mun Road Interchange: 234B

Proposal to extend 234B to Tuen Mun Road Interchange

Route Proposal Consultation

I think extending the 234B to Tuen Mun Transfer Station can be a problem-solving seed to provide bus services to Tsing Lung Tau, Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun Road Interchange, also provide opportunities for interchange to Sea Crest Villa and Anglers’ Bay as well as to reduce the demand for Tsing Lung Tau head to Tsuen Kwai Tsing minibus, so that the residents of Sham Tseng get on easily. After the second district quarterly and street sessions in July 16, I know that there are residents who support increasing the service area and interchange opportunities, also know that some residents worry about the fare will increase or appear “no seating” situation. I will continue to consult with the bus companies and the Transport Department with the views of residents and strive to create a win-win solution.

Details of the route in July 2017


Although there are quite a number of bus routes in our district, our district still faces several transport issues due to improper planning: Insufficient routes to urban district; Practically no service to Tsuen Wan for Tsing Lung Tau and Residents of Sea Crest Villa and Angler Bay have to climb up home when taking the urban bus route. We propose to extend 234B to Tuen Mun interchange and adding two extra buses to the fleet. Having considered the limited resources which the bus company is willing to provide, we regard it is acceptable even if the route 53 of low usage has to be cancelled.

The advantages of extending 234B to Tuen Mun Road Interchange:

1: Interchange opportunities for urban routes234B+53-1-03

The extended 234B will observe both directions of the Tuen Mun Interchange. Residents of Sham Tseng and Tsing Lung Tau can access Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and the urban district with convenience.

2: Facilitating access to Sea Crest Villas

234B+53-2-03Transport along the access road of Sea Crest Villas and Anglers’ Bay can only access Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi. The extension of 234B and the establishment of interchange concession with urban routes offers the residents of Sea Crest Villa opportunities to go to more destination without climbing up. For instance, you may take 52X to Ma Wan Pier and then interchange to 234B for free; or you may take Tuen Mun routes to the Interchange and then change to 234B.

3: Wider coverage and more frequent service

234B+53-3-03Areas including Sea Crest Villa Phase 4 , Tsing Lung Tau and Ka Loon Tsuen will be covered by the effective bus service. The demand surge for minibus service during rush hour will be buffered. We proposed to add two more buses to the fleet to serve the wider coverage. Headway would reduce to 10 minutes in peak hours and 15 minutes in non-peak hour.


Details on the route proposal:

ICON1-03Departing from Tsuen Wan West Station

234B follows the original route to Sea Crest Villa bus terminus. Then it observes the stops of Sea Crest Villa Phase 4, Tsing Lung Tau Village, Hong Kong Garden, Vistatcliff, Vistaclove, Ka Loon Tsuen, Tuen Mun Interchange (Tuen Mun) and Tuen Mun Interchange (Kowloon) via Castle Peak Road.

ICON2-03Departing from Tuen Mun Interchange (Kowloon Direction)

234B observes the stops of Tuen Mun Interchange (Tuen Mun), Ka Loon Tsuen, , Vistaclove, Hong Kong Garden, Tsing Lung Tau Village, Sea Crest Villa Phase 4 via Castle Peak Road. Then it follows the original route from Sea Crest Villa bus terminus heading for Tsuen Wan West Station.

Icon4-03Proposed Fare 1

Full fare increases by $0.7, form $5.1 to $5.8. Section fare from Sea Crest Villa Phase 1 reduces to $4.4 in compensation to the outbound extra cost.

Icon4-03Proposed Fare 2

Full fare increases by $0.7, form $5.1 to $5.8. Section fare from Sea Crest Villa Phase 1 becomes applicable to both directions. By swiping the card again before Sea Crest Villa Phase 1, $0.7 will be credited to the card. Section fare of $4.1 from Bellagio to Sea Crest Villa will remain unchanged.

ICON3-03Fleet Arrangements

Two double decker buses will be added to the fleet of 234B. Headway of non peak hours reduces to 15 minutes and 10 minutes in peak hour. Cancellation of 53 is acceptable so as to make resources available.

icon5-03Interchange Concession

Set up interchange concessions with all routes observing Tuen Mun Interchange. The fare of 234B will be waived or rebated regardless of direction.

Icon6-03Service Hours

Service hours extends to 00:15am.

Sha Tin: 48P


Officially in service

The route 48P effective from 24 April 2017, Mondays to Fridays (no service on Public Holidays), residents can check estimated time of arrival through smartphone app.

Departure Time at Tsing Lung Tau: 0745 & 1815
Departure Time at Wo Che: 0745 & 1815

Conclusion by Transport Department after consultation

Transport Department announced the consultation results of the route planning programme for this year on 30 June. The rush hour service to Shatin 48P will be extended to Hong Kong Garden and are expected to launch in the forth quarter this year.


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7 thoughts on “Bus Network

  1. 伍議員,你好,如果可以爭取52x轉乘40的轉車優惠,可能比爭取234D線更簡單,亦毋須巴士公司另外新線,對巴士公司及乘客可算是雙贏方案,希望各位議員可以向巴士公司提出。祝中秋快樂,人月兩圓。

    1. 郭生你好,234D線在今年巴士計劃已落實,預計年底前會通車,另外我會反巴士公司反映希望增設52X及40的轉乘優惠,謝謝!中秋節快樂!

  2. 早前議員建議延長234B至屯門公路巴士轉乘站 並繞經浪翠園
    一班跟53行 一班上浪翠園 梅花間竹

  3. 伍議員你好,本人需由豪景花園往觀塘碼頭返工。雖然有了 234D 比沒有的好,但可否幫忙考慮增設班次,不是只有 7:20am 一班。假如錯失了此班次,則要 1.5 小時轉起碼2程車才可返工。我想住在深井的居民亦有需要吧。另外,每天早上在豪景都有30 人坐 234D, 我想我們這區的需求不少,請考慮及幫忙爭取,謝謝。

  4. 其實 234D, 由豪景至浪翠4期巳全車爆滿,之後的人就算企位都迫不入。當然,我在總站不受影響,但看到確實有莫大需求,出現供應求的情況。謝謝。

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