Minibus Network

Minibus Network


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

96, 96M:

Splitting the minibus stop of 96 and 96M at Sham Tseng Village

The confirmation letter from Transport Department

The existing combined queue for 96 and 96M often creates conflicts of suspected queue jumping. When the people in front of queue stopped boarding, the driver may be misled that the boarding has finished. The people at the back of the queue would miss the trip.

Splitting the queue of 96 and 96M at Sham Tseng Village can help avoid these problems and make boarding easier for the residents to Tsuen Wan West Station.

We requested to make separate queuing arrangement on 31 August 2016 and the operator had agreed on our proposal and made the arrangement and received a notice that the proposal was accepted on 18 January 17.

combined queue

Although the earlier separation of 96 and 96M , I know that there are still a lot of arguments in the queue, so I create a notice to remind residents to line up on the right line and prepare draw the line on the ground to strengthen the message and minimize the conflicts. Also,I have reflected the opinions to the minibus operators and requested the drivers to drop off at their own minibus.

We are welcome you to reflect the effectiveness and comments of this notice, so that we can make further improvements.

The notice which is posted at minibus stop

Minibuses at Sea Crest Villa Phase 4: The missing morning special trips

The route description of 96 and 96M states that there are special
trips departing from Sea Crest Villa Phase 4 for every 10/12 minutes during rush hour in the morning. However, the schedule of the special trips were unstable and failed to meet the requirement.

Transport Department replied that they will conduct a survey to check the service condition and urge the minibus operator to maintain adequate service level. No improvement, however, has been made. As such, our office collected data on site on our own. We have submitted the request to rectify the situation and to ensure a reliable service for the residents to Transport Department and minibus operator.



Minibus company proposed fare increase of 302
Request for service improvement

The limitation of 302 are long route and insufficient trips; passengers from the area between Sea Crest Villa and Sham Tseng to Tsuen Wan and Kwai Fong are difficult to get on bus and passengers from the area of Panda Hotel and Sha Tsui Road to Tsing Lung Tau and Sham Tseng are difficult to get on bus. Our office propose a sub-route for 302 named 302A as below:

So, the passengers accessing Tsuen Wan and Kwai Fong can be separated such that the chance of boarding at end-route stops likely to increase. Also, as the journey time is reduced, the frequency and the seats available will increase.

We would like to invite your to express your view on or before 10 Jan 2017 by sending a letter to Tsuen Wan Home Affairs Department.

Consultation document on proposed fare increase of 302



Request for longer service hours


The operator of 308M minibus service has applied for a fare increase from $7.8 to $8.4 in April 16. Our office has already made our representation to TD and HAD to object the proposed fare increase justified by the bad economic outlook and the decrease of the energy prices. Although none of us wants to have our living costs raised, the fare increase is inevitable. As discussed with TD through phone conversation, the change of consumer prices A of Hong Kong of the same period is higher than the proposed fare increase, which makes TD very likely to approve the fare increase.

However, TD agrees on a point that whenever the bus service operator applies to raise its fare, TD would request improvements on their service. There has long been urges for the minibus service provider of 308M to improve its service, including extending the service further to the night until 23:30 or 00:00 and improving its frequency at rush hours. Our office would like to encourage residents to join us in writing a letter to HAD.

We believe that a collective response from all the affected residents would have a greater influence. Please write a letter to Tsuen Wan District Office before 11 May 16.

Consultation document on proposed fare increase of 308M

The permanent extension after 3 months of trial

Starting from 14 August to 31 December 16, the service hours extended to 23:30 on every Friday and Saturday.


Failed to continue with the extension

Three months trial is over, although it is actively talk with the operator of 308M and TD, it is still failed to continue with the extension,
here are the reasons.

– only 8-9 people use the special trips (in average)
– TD believe that there is no upward trend in overall patronage
– TD cannot force the operator of 308M to apply permanent extension
– two special trips increase the expenditures



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4 thoughts on “Minibus Network

  1. 1)請問能否爭取廷長308M小巴至豪景花園?因現時豪景至浪翠園四期居民要搭308M要先搭302/96到深井再轉車,非常轉折。

  2. 308M 是否循環線?在浪翠二期的308M 車牌是標明落客站,但司機每天也容許乘客在浪翠二期上車,如沒有乘客下車,也停車讓乘客上車,令浪翠一期總站候車的乘客造成不便及不公,尤其繁忙時段,上學上班的乘客未能上車。

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