Elevator to Sea Crest Villa

Sea Crest Villas and Anglers’ Bay need an elevator to connect Castle Peak Road. The two current accesses, the slope and the staircase, are both substandard public passages. I am liaising with the Government, using the barrier-free access standard, supported by the petition signed by the residents. I am confident there will be progress in the construction of the proposed elevator.

The response from Transport Department has been received on 20 October. In brief, there is a system to prioritise the places where barrier-free accesses are needed to reach the uphill areas. Mr Chan of the corresponding officer of Transport Department said, the proposal to build an elevator for Sea Crest Villas was not received during the commencement of the policy in 2012. Now Transport Department has acknowledged the proposal, and will be evaluated in the next round.

Proposed elevator for barrier-free access

Safely connect Sea Crest Villas and Angler’s Bay


The staircase on the slope is the major way to access Sea Crest Villa Phase 1&2 and Angler’s Bay. Apart from tiring, climbing the stairs is dangerous for the elderly. As for the road, street lights and road signs occupied the pavement. It is impossible for wheelchairs to pass through.

Therefore, I suggest an elevator be built to ensure safety for all.

Since the release of “Design Manual: Barrier-free access 2008” in response to the “Disability discrimination ordinance”, new construction and major alteration or addition to existing buildings must meet the barrier-free standards. Although it looks like a responsibility, it may be an opportunity to the access road of Sea Crest Villa. The existing road is substandard in both inclination and width. Because of insufficient length, it is impossible to meet the standards by re-laying out the surface. An elevator is the most effective way to provide the access between Castle Peak Road and the access road. I sent a proposal to Transport Department and Highways Department using this rationale.

However, due to the private road nature of the access road, the Government may not be willing to build the proposed elevator. I have prepared a simple work plan to respond to the possible responses from the Government. For the same reason, the Government may request the cost be bore by the property owners as well. Owners please stay relaxed. My duty is to propose and urge the Government to respond whether to build or not to build and why so. As for the actual conditions and decisions are to be determined by the owners and owners’ corporations.

Among the projects listed in the existing policy “Uphill elevator system”, the 14th project, Hong Sing Gardens escalator, and the 16th project, Saddle Ridge Garden elevator, have some similarities in regard to geographical and population conditions with our district, which are good references. We have made the following requests to Transport Department: Request the elevator proposal of Sea Crest Villas to be evaluated and listed in the sequence of construction, and request for the marking rubric.

Copyright belongs to Hong Kong Government
Copyright belongs to Hong Kong Government

For the full text of the letter to the Government, please see Chinese version.

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17 thoughts on “Elevator to Sea Crest Villa

  1. 強烈建議增加此升降機,因家中有2位老人家,負責家中事務,有時候家裡沒有醬油,要特別落去超市買也很不便,謝謝!

  2. 強烈要求增加此升陣機!

  3. 本人住在浪翠園一期,我們家中都有老人己70歲及一名小童,老人家因為不想行斜路,如非必要都不出街,因此如果有升降機,他一定會多點出街走動,健康也會好一點。希望有關方面會接納這個建議,謝謝

  4. 應有無障礙通道,及方便大眾市民,希望貴署可盡快建設這設備

  5. 要求增建升降機,因本人通常半夜才下班已冇交通工具可搭,但條山路樓梯實在太僻靜,治安問題令人擔憂,而條路又多蛇蟲鼠蟻,本人亦見過十吋長蜈蚣,所以希望當局接納這建議,謝謝

  6. 輪椅家人必須坐巴士先能上落深井,十分不便。小徑僻靜,又不方便老人家,曾發現蛇,流浪狗出現,對行人危險。強烈要求興建升降機,謝謝。

  7. 連接浪翠園一期的樓梯又黑又靜又斜,既望進快落實興建無障礙設施給我們居民。

  8. 強烈要求興建升降機,小朋友同老人家,就算是成年人行現時樓梯都十分吃力。而深夜沒有巴士,的士更不會到滾翠園時,根本無能為力。

  9. 強烈要求興建升降機,小朋友同老人家,對成年人來說,現時樓梯都十分吃力. 巴士晚間停駛時,浪翠園同外界根本是隔絕。有急事時簡直叫天不應!

  10. 強烈要求興建升降機,因本邨人口開始老化,每日上落山波對老人家來說是非常吃力

  11. 強烈要求興建升降機, 因為屋宛入住超過二十多年了, 人口開始老化, 為了方便居民出入及能使用青山公路的交通設施, 望進快落實興建無障礙設施給本邨居民。

  12. 強烈要求興建升降機,平日斜路樓梯已很斜,很容易跌倒,本人已跌過2次,再加上落雨天,更加危險。為了市民出入安全,望快落實興建無障礙設施。

  13. 強烈要求興建升降機, 屋苑92年落成, 快將30年了, 人口開始老化, 希望儘快落實興建無障礙設施, 方便居民出入青山公路。

  14. 強烈要求興建升降機!單靠橋底樓梯和斜路上落靑山公路非常不便!希望盡快落實無障礙設施!

  15. 事隔多年後,請問現階段進度如何?

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