Waterfront Planning


Said one resident during our consultation street campaign, our waterfront is the most precious resources of our community.

I recognise this as an opportunity to urge the government to include district facilities in this major infrastructure development, e.g. Workout facilities, tree-shaded paths for non-cycling residents to enjoy as well.

Enhance resident participation in waterfront planning

Execute the planning intention and enjoy the waterfront space

Policy background

20111219 LegcoOnTsuenTuenBicyclePath-8On the meeting of district facilities committee on 7 July 2015, the Government clarified that “Civil Engineering and Development Department has no plan to suspend the project of Tsuen Wan-Tuen Mun bicycle lane” and “(CEDD) expects the confirmation of the routing and preliminary design solution early next year”.

I recognise that the waterfront planning should not be limited to the bicycle lane. It should rather be conducted by engaging with the residents. A more comprehensive planning and more diversified recreational facilities for all is expected from us.


The Government proposes to build a bicycle lane, only. This could not tackle the problem of our district, which is the lack of facilities. The Government normally consult the public until they have a mature design, a top-down approach. I embrace the contrary. Our district should think bottom-up: Instead of considering “whether our district needs and is suitable to build a bicycle lane”, we should consider “how would we like the waterfront to become?”.

I refuses to “fight” for district improvements by just saying. In my policy platform, residents are invited to participate in the discussion, with the help of architectural renderings, in the hope of reaching a consensus.

Policy execution

Engaging the residents with the waterfront planning is the intent of the policy. I will listen to and act according to the residents. I will reflect your concerns with design.


Recreational facilities under-provided and
waterfron space under-utilised

Residents need recreational facilities. A properly planned waterfront could provide multiple activity spaces.

Residents take the initiative

Promenade_DiagramNormally the government have a preliminary design before consulting the public. However, in order to let the decision-makers more informed, I in advance collect the opinion of the residents and express our views.

Build diversified facilities

Promenade_Diagram-10In addition to serving those who bikes, the waterfront should also include other facilties to benefit all the residents.

Success requires balance

Credit: Shinya Ota

Yokohama Terminal provides a large piece of landscaped public space. It does more than making the journeys of visitors better, it serves the local residents as a convenient place of retreat.


Preliminary consultation summary

Two street consultation sessions collected 36 piece of public opinion. Further consultation session will be held. For the time being, there are roughly four groups of opinion.

Group 1: Support for a more vibrant community (36%)

Group 2: Hope to preserve the peaceful neighbourhood (25%)

Group 3: Support for the bicycle lane but have no opinion for other facilities (14%)

Group 4: Object to any development to the waterfront (22%)

If you have any opinion to the future of our waterfront, please let us know.


With regard to the opinion of the residents, three impression drawings are made for further discussion. These images will be submitted to the Government when the consultation and proposal is getting more mature and comprehensive.




Promenade turns the sea view into the sea water you could touch
Integrate the beach with the bicycle lane
Two platforms along the road: the upper platform for bicycle lane; the lower platform for cafeteria and stores
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6 thoughts on “Waterfront Planning

  1. Highly appreciate your effort on the design. However, we must be aware that the relaxing and silent environment is what we should treasure in Sham Tseng, and I have below comments:

    1) note that most cyclers are professional or experienced, and they can handle to cycling on the highway plus the highway is not that busy when during weekends or holidays. Therefore, I doube the need for the cycling path, which covers only our area. If you want a professional cycling path, it should extend to tuen mum or even to shatin, of which i guess it is not possible at the moment

    2) Coffee shop book store? Please try to think practically. We do not need a book store coffee shop at the waterfront promenade. A Starbucks is more than enough to serve Sham Tseng, and I am not sure who cares about a book store here when most people go online, and books are probably more expensive comparatively to other places.

    3) Try to enhance the facilities we already have instead of setting up fancy stuff to try to make Sham Tseng look nicer.

    4) Suggestions:
    – optimize the beach. We have lots of swimmer in this beach, but the beach is full of dangerous rocks, and garbage, and the sand is not in good condition, and drains after raining.
    – build a pet park. We have lots pets in this area, and people can only “walk” dog leashed. I think we should have a pet park which let pets unleashed, run and exercise in the closed-gate area. This can also minimize the pee and poo along the street
    – The BBQ area is just superb, and i dun think someone would like to have it removed

    That’s all I can think of right now, please kindly consider and keep in mind that, all residence in Sham Tseng treasures its silence and beautiful scenery, and we would rather live in the urban area otherwise.

    Thank you so much for your hard work.

    Warm Regards,

  2. 單/車爭路問題, 希望可以早日解決, 對於每天開車來回青山公路多次的我, 閃避單車是一件非常費神冒險的事情, 也替單車使用者擔心, 既然政府能擴建青山公路, 為何不能儘快把單車徑弄好? 每次看到沙倉段欄杆的絲帶, 就想起當年單車意外…

    1. 我都係一個rider (RB/電單車)。香港可以踩RB既地方已經唔多,再係青公起條單車徑的話,以後就無得操車 (警方可以執法令單車唔可以踩單車徑旁既馬路)。



  3. 多謝各位的留言。我明白各位對海濱的未來有不同的意見,政綱的原意亦是匯聚居民討論,來年本人會舉辦一個諮詢工作坊與居民計劃我們海濱的未來,謝謝。

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