In the pipelines

3 trips of 962E by 2020 Q1

Transport Department announced that one more trips of 962E to Tai Koo will be provided by 2020 Q1.

Typhoon Reveals the Need for New Way of Tree Planting

The tree pits on the road surface for the roots of the trees are thin and have limited depth, which affects the growth of trees and easily blown down by typhoons. The use of coherent soil belts to replace tree pits will help trees grow healthily and green communities; in narrow streets, structures can also be used to separate pedestrian paths and dirt. Highways Department replied that they will soon enlarge the tree pits in Tsing Lung Tau promenade.

Improvement of Ching Cheung Road marking to alleviate traffic congestion

Priority for mainstream traffic at Sea Crest Villa Phase 3 roundabout

There were several accidents at the roundabout near Sea Crest Villa Phase 3 involving the clash between an outer lane right-turning vehicle and an inner lane vehicle going straight. I wrote to Trans. Dept requesting to prioritise mainstream traffic of Castle Peak Road by road markings to prevent accidents. The Transport Department expects the construction project to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020.