Community Platform

Cohere local residents and Introduce social services

Extend Social Services

Promote Residents Engagement

Advocate & Practise Environmental Protection

Organise Social Events

“Weaving”: One of the Duties of District Councillors.

Anything related to the well-being of the district is what Councillors should work on. A community operates with a group of people and the interaction between them gives the community its identity. One of the duties of District Councillors is to enhance the cohesion of residents, weaving a stronger community network. Using the network, community mutual aid and resources sharing may become possible.

Throw your idea and co-create

Did the activities organised by the Councillor match your interests? Do you have ideas in mind but unable to gather sufficient friends to realise it? Do you want to participate in community work but knowing nowhere to start? I cordially invite you to talk to us and consider becoming our partners. Let’s co-create and realise your ideas!



Last but not least…

Vote #2 Norris Hin Lung Ng

It is you who keep us going. See you on 24 November 2019!