District Post No.13: Distribute resources and Fight the disease

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Post No.13

Distribute resources and Fight the disease


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Fight the disease

 District Topics

1: Transportation – Collection of bus occupancy data: Meeting with KMB and Transport Department

On 18 March 2020, we conducted a meeting with the representatives of KMB and Transport Department at our office. We fought for service improvement by showing bus occupancy data which we continuously collected. We emphasized the problem of the lowered service levels in recent months, and showed them photos of fully occupied buses. We requested the service improvement be included into next Route Planning Programme, which are briefly reported as follows:

2: Planning application showing proposed residential development at Chan Kee Plaza

In January 2020, there was a planning application for rezoning the site from “Government, Institution or Community” to “Residential (Category A) 5” for the development of a 19-storey residential tower. Residents may have questions on this issue, in which we consolidated information you may find useful:

Land development procedure

What factors does the Town Planning Board consider? What should I say if I am going to give my opinion?

The following list includes items concerned by the TPB:

  • Traffic and Transportation
  • Landscape and Visual
  • Environment
  • Man-made slope
  • Drainage
  • Water Supply
  • Water gathering grounds

More information could be found at https://www.info.gov.hk/tpb/en/forms/Guidance_Notes/S12A_GN_ENG_2019.pdf

Why are there consultations after consultations?

Generally speaking, the process of application for rezoning under Section 12A of the Town Planning Ordinance can last several years. During this process, applicants need to address the comments provided by government departments and the general public and provide additional information as necessary. The supplementary material will be made available for public inspection and public consultation for another 3 weeks. Therefore, please be prepared that you will very likely to see this kind of public consultation on the same application case again and again in years to come.

There were a lot of objections in the earlier consultation. Why did the Town Planning Board still consider the application but not reject it right away?

Since the applicant can submit further information in accordance with Section 13 of the Ordinance, if accepted by the Town Planning Board, the public consultation will be held and the TPB meeting will be postponed. In other words, the planning application has not yet been officially discussed and considered at the Town Planning Board, therefore no formal decision was made.

How do I give my opinion so as to count?

Please note the latest consultation period and submission method at the TPB website:

3: Aircraft Noise – Meeting with Civil Aviation Department and Airport Authority

Although the number of aircraft flights has decreased amid of this Pandemic crisis, this did not prevent us from continuing to follow up the long-term solution of the aircraft noise in our district. I met Airport Authority and Civil Aviation Department to discuss the direction of reducing aircraft noise and report as follows:

Interim arrangement between 2022 – 2024

AA and CAD replied that the flight paths will be similar to the existing dual-runway mode, but aircraft will not fly over our district for this limited period of time. The flight paths will be shifted northwest by about 1.5 kilometres. (See the following series of diagrams)

Information on the new Northeast flight path

There will be a new northeast take-off flight path (grey dotted line) when the three runways are in full operation, which would be very close to our district. This would be concerning as the noise nuisance to our district might worsen. AA expressed that the design of this flight path is to ensure that the overall aircraft noise in the region does not exceed a certain level (NEF5 line). AA replied that the late night flight ban to this flight path is an absolute limit and it will not relaxed due to any reasons, except for emergencies.

Urged for earlier implementation of West Lamma Channel

One of the long-term solutions to alleviating the aircraft noise in our district is the use of the West Lamma Channel for landing, which I urged AA to put it into full operation as soon as possible. However, AA and CAD refused to disclose the relevant statistics, such as how many flights used this route in the past quarter. I reminded that the AA promised in the three-runway EIA report that after 2030, at midnight (23:00-07:00), 95% of flights that land from the northeast would need to use the West Lamma Channel to land. It is necessary for AA and CAD to report to the public how they are going to implement the plan to fulfill its promises, and report the progress in a timely manner.

Council Work

1: Pushing Inter-departmental Enforcement Actions against Huge-noise-emitting Vehicles Forward

The huge-noise-emitting vehicles are rampant in the past two years, which caused residents a lot of trouble. I have narrow down the source of problem into 3 main reasons: illegal modification, speeding and loose noise standards. Government departments must team up to tackle this problem. I have already raised this agenda in the District Council twice in this year, requesting Police, Transport Department and Environmental Protection Department to carry out joint operations to crack down on noisy vehicles.

2: Addressing Widespread Concern on the Leakage of Drainage System on Buildings
and Following the Efficiency of “Joint Office for Investigation of Water Seepage”

In February 2020, there was a confirmed case suspected of having contracted the virus through the building drainage system. I conducted visual inspection on the sewage system at the outer walls of the residential estates in our district immediately. I have also responded to the residents’ questions about water seepage, which are quite often seriously disturbed but finding themselves quite helpless. I asked the “Joint Office for Investigation of Water Seepage” to set more rigorous service commitments, flexible attendance, introduce more efficient detection equipment, strengthen the communication and exchange professional opinion with Management Offices.

3: Request for Installation of Windows for Improvement of Bus Ventilation

The vast majority of Hong Kong buses are “sealed” from outside. It is possible for it to become a vehicle for spreading the virus. In March 2020, KMB tested adding additional ventilation windows to their buses. I think this approach should be extended to all buses in Hong Kong to promote better air circulation in buses and allow passengers to open the windows in the cool season for enjoying the cool outside wind, and to provide greater energy savings in order to meet Hong Kong’s emission reduction goals.

District Improvement Works Updates



Residents Participation Scheme

In our “Residents Participation Scheme”, selected controversial District Council-related topics would be put on vote via a new online system, so as to quantify the local opinion and reflect in the Council.

Visit for further details  nhl.hk/rps

Register now and Let your voice heard!

Survey Result

Should dog’s latrines in our district be retained or removed?

In March 2020, we held an online survey on a social platform (See above) asking our residents’ opinions on whether dog latrines in our district should stay or go. There were 266 residents participated in the survey, in which 78 of them (29%) suggested to “keep and renovate the Latrines” and 188 of them (71%)suggested to “remove”. Those preferring to keep the dog latrines are concerned about foul smell of pavements will be worsen. Those preferring to remove are concerned about the hygiene of dog latrines and the presence of parasites, so that they would avoid letting their dogs to use the dog latrines.

As more than 70% of respondents indicated their preference to remove the dog latrines, we will propose to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department that the dog latrine near Sea Crest Villa Phase 3 will be restored as pedestrian roads. We will see the response the reaction of residents and decide whether other dog latrines shall be removed and restored as pavement in the future.

Nonetheless, we would encourage dog owners in our district to cooperate to avoid causing nuisance by their dogs’ wastes. For example, I would follow up the conversion of some suitable places into pet spaces, more petal-lever dog waste collection boxes at appropriate locations, more roadside greening, strengthening the department’s effort on cleansing footpaths and overpasses, and erect posters to remind dog owners of their responsibilities.

Residents are welcome to share with us if you have suggestions.

Please fill in your name、resident and contact, you may let us know by:
  1. Email to dc@nhl.hk
  2. Whatsapp to5546 5506
  3. Submit toDistrict Councillor’s Office

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