District Quarterly No.10: Follow up environmental issues and raise living standards

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Quarterly No.10

Follow up environmental issues and raise living standards


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Environment and Hygiene: Supervising the cleansing services in our district during the peak of marine refuse

1: Inspection of cleaning up of marine refuse with Marine Department

Summer last year was the period where large amount of marine refuse washed to the shore. In May 2018, I conducted an inspection in our district with Marine Department on the work of collecting marine waste. Currently there are two vessels assigned to regularly catch up the refuse from the sea near the shore between Tsuen Wan and Tsing Lung Tau. I raised that if the situation of last year where our coasts were trashed by marine refuse happens again, “Sea Cleaner Class” vessels shall be deployed to catch up refuse in the sea before they reach our coasts.

2: Inspection of cleaning up of coastal waste and waste at beaches with FEHD

Our long coastline is vulnerable to marine refuse pushed by summer prevailing winds. In April 2018, I conducted an inspection in our district with Food and Environmental Hygiene Department on the work of cleansing our beaches and coasts. Generally, FEHD workers will go to all ungazetted coasts to perform regular cleansing services, including the ungazetted beach adjoining the Anglers’ Beach. However, refuse in the gap between the rocks on the shore is more difficult and risky to clean up. Only refuse at locations where hand tools can reach will be picked up.

Traffic Issues: Improvement to road marking for safer traffic and more efficient transportation

1: Improve road safety at roundabout near Sea Crest Villa

There were several accidents at the roundabout near Sea Crest Villa Phase 3 involving the clash between an outer lane right-turning vehicle and an inner lane vehicle going straight. I wrote to Trans. Dept requesting to prioritise mainstream traffic of Castle Peak Road by road markings to prevent accidents. Trans. Dept. replied that shop drawings are being prepared.

At the same location, vehicles from Tsing Lung Tau will ramp down before entering the roundabout, often with dangerous speed. I requested Trans. Dept in August 2016 to paint yellow bar markings to remind drivers to reduce speed. The works had been completed in April 2017. I look forward to resident’s further feedbacks on this roundabout.

2: Extend the double white lines to manage exitting vehicles

Congestion is frequently found at West Kowloon Highway. One of the reasons is due to the exitting vehicles getting in lane late at Lai Wan and Yau Ma Tei Interchange, which causes obstruction to the middle and rightmost lane. I requested Trans. Dept. in July 2017 to extend the double white lines to protect the mainstream traffic flow. The road marking improvement at Yau Ma Tei has been completed in May 2018 and that at Lai Wan is being arranged and will be completed soon.

3: Alleviate traffic congestion by road marking improvement

Congestion is also frequently found at the Northwest slip road to Tsing Ma Bridge. Sometimes Ting Kau Bridge and Tuen Mun Road is also affected. I raised this issue to Trans. Dept in March 2018 and understood that the traffic flow from South and North of Tsing Yi Northwest Interchange is roughly 1:1. I proposed Trans. Dept. to study how to let vehicles from both sides to safely merge to use the middle lane of Tsing Ma Bridge. Trans. Dept. has prepared a plan and will conduct the trial run in August 2018 to evaluate the effectiveness.

Transportation services

1: Fixed Schedule for 96M Special Trips departing at Sea Crest Villa Phase 4

Although taking the minibus is a quick way to go to Tsuen Wan, it is common for en-route passengers find themselves unable to board because all departures from Tsing Lung Tau are full already. Residents would find it difficult to grasp the waiting time. Although special departures from the Sea Crest Villa Phase 4 were arranged in the past, it has long been ineffective due to the unstable arrival time and the low usage.

I understand the importance of minibus services to some of the en-route residents, the residents of the Sea Crest Villa Phase 4 in particular, which have no practical alternative routes. I proposed to revisit the special trips arrangement which was adopted by the Transport Department and the minibus operators.

With trial starting from 6 August 2018, the weekday special departments will be at a fixed schedule. Transport Department, the operator and I will monitor the effectiveness. The Transport Department is proceeding on relevant paperwork and officially change to adopt new arrangements in September.

At the same time, the minibus company undertook that the special trips will be provided using resources from other routes. The current service of 96M departing at Tsing Lung Tau will not be affected.

2: Additional A31P Special Trips via Tsing Lung Tau to and from the Airport

Since I took office, I have repeatedly requested the Transport Department and Long Win Bus Company to let the A31P observe Tsing Lung Tau. Starting from 25 June 2018, there are four trips to and from the airport every morning and evening. Amid the current progress, I insisted that A31P should observe Tsing Lung Tau full-day in the long run.

Meanwhile, I will continue to monitor the usage of A31P and reflect to the Transport Department and the bus company, requesting the service of A31P be further strengthened to every 30 minutes during peak hours. Please rest assured that I will continue to follow this matter.

Environmental Protection: Retrofitting noise barriers for Tuen Mun Road

1: Hong Kong Garden Phase II: Suffering from incomplete noise barrier

Hong Kong Garden is right next to Tuen Mun Road. Although part of the road has been built with noise barriers, it is not continuous and does not cover the area near Block 9 and 10. I challenged Environmental Protection Department that there is no significant change to the surrounding environment to justify the “break”. In fact, there is a hill about 100 metres from where the noise barrier stops. Noise would be materially reduced if noise barrier could be retrofitted upto the hill.

2: Sea Crest Villa Phase 1: Insufficient enclosure of noise barrier

Sea Crest Villa Phase I adjoins Tuen Mun Road. Noise barrier exists on only one side. It is cantilever type and there is no cover. The rocky wall on the opposite side worsens the noise problem by reflection. As a comparison, better noise barriers are provided along other sections of Tuen Mun Road. If another layer of cantilevered noise barriers, if not a full-covering noise enclosure, could be built on the side of Kowloon bound, the noise nuisance to residents could be reduced.

 Survey Result

On the Councillor proposed change of designated hospital for ambulance service, which hospital do you think shall an ambulance at the area between Hong Kong Garden and Yuen Tun Village go to?

The result has been sent to Hospital Authority and Fire Services Department. I will continue to follow up this case at the Council. I am grateful for your participation.

Yan Chai Hospital Tuen Mun Hospital
98% (224) 2% (4)

There is a total of 228 valid responses to the questionnaire. The method of collection includes 1. physical quarterly report questionnaire; 2. E-mail or instant message transmission of image of completed questionnaire. To avoid double counting, duplicate replies from the same address / number / e-mail / IP were dismissed.


Please fill in your name、resident and contact, you may let us know by:
  1. Email todc@nhl.hk
  2. Whatsapp to 5546 5506
  3. Submit toDistrict Councillor’s Office

PS: Recycled paper is used as far as possible for both external publications and internal office matters for environmental protection, also District Quarterly currently printed with 100% recycled paper and soy ink!

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