District Quarterly No.6: Improve external transport facilities

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Quarterly No.6

Improve external transport facilities

Follow up the shop front extensions at Hoi Pa Street


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Attending External Meetings: Raise awareness of departments and committees to our district

1: Harbourfront Commission: Presentation of the outcome of Tsuen Wan coastal activities

Tsuen Wan Promenade Placemaking Project
Screening by the Sea & other promenade activities

On 31 May 2017, I attended the meeting of Tsuen Wan Taskforce of Harbourfront Commission on behalf of Coastal Affairs Committee of Tsuen Wan District Council, reporting the outcome of the collaboration with LEAPS and HK Public Space Initiatives. “Tsuen Wan Promenade Placemaking Project” was conducted last year to gather opinion through coastal activities and interaction with local residents, in attempt to reach a consensus on the future of the promenade at a gentle pace. The members of the Harbourfont Commission was supportive on the concept of “Co-creation of waterfront” and planned to devote more resources to our waterfront.

2: Airport Authority: The arrangement of departure and arrival path for 3 runways

Meeting with Airport Authority
Diagram showing the departure and arrival paths during night hours when 3 runways system is completed

On 17 May 2017, a meeting with Airport Authority was held to discuss the arrival and departure flight path arrangement after the completion of the 3-runway system. I expressed the will of our district to reduce aircraft noise nuisance. The Authority replied that aircrafts will have to use West Lamma channel to approach or leave the airport during night hours after the completion of the 3-runway system. Using this flight path will significantly reduce the aircraft noise affecting our district.

Carry on to improve transport services

1: Keep fighting for express service to East Kowloon

Analysis diagram for the East Kowloon services between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun

The 17-18 Route Development Plan has passed the proposal for the new route 234D from Tsing Lung Tau to Kwun Tong. Convenient access to Kowloon East is just around the corner. However, the bus routes heading to Kowloon East between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun will be fragmented as illustrated in the above diagram. Since the passengers heading to the same destination will be dispersed, in this case not being a sufficiently large amount which could sustain a full-day service route for each area, and hence hindering our long-term transport development.

I will continue to persuade the Transport Department and the bus company to commence the route 261C. Our proposed 261C operates between Tuen Mun Sam Shing/Chi Lok/So Kwun Wat to Kwun Tong via Sham Tseng, facilitating the development along Castle Peak Road and achieve full-day service similar to the experience of route development of 962B.

2: Better utilise the express service to South Kowloon

In the Route Development Plan of 17 – 18, it is planned to add one more trip of 261B at 7:45 departing at So Kwun Wat. The original trip at Sham Shing will be changed to depart at 7:25. The change is expected to be implemented in the 3rd quarter of 2017. Meanwhile, we will continue to lobby for extending the service hours on weekdays and provide service on Saturdays and holidays.

If the two trips in the morning do not fit you, residents may consider taking 52X and transfer to 63X at Meifoo, which is a quicker way to access South Kowloon between Mong Kok and Jordan. Residents, however, please be reminded that the headway of 63X can be as long as 30 minutes. Checking the arrival time using the mobile app facilitates your trip planning and ensures a pleasant journey.

The Transport Department recently proposed that 63X will not observe Meifoo anymore. I considered the proposal adversely affecting the residents of the Tsing Lung Tau and Sham Tseng since the transfer between 52X and 63X becomes no longer possible. I expressed that shall Trans. Dept considered this proposal necessary, the service of 261B must be extended to weekday non-peak hours and Saturdays and holidays. Trans. Dept withdrew this proposal in June 2017.

 3: Fight for bus service to Airport for Tsing Lung Tau

During the Council Meeting in May, I presented a strong evidence that the Airport bus service A31P should observe Tsing Lung Tau. From my video I personally took at Ma Wan Pier, the trial trip of A31P observing Tsing Lung Tau shows that the additional mileage took less than 3 minutes. The bus company did not deny the fact and reported in the Council that they have submitted the proposal to shorten the route of A31P to Belvedere Garden in order to observe Tsing Lung Tau to Transport Department. I expressed support immediately. However, as Discovery Park is also a stakeholder of the route of A31P, I will follow up with TD and my fellow District Council Members.

4: Fight for Reducing bus standees’ density

Using the density of 6 per square meter to calculate the standee’s capacity of a bus is no longer valid in today’s world. In fact, the practical operation can never reach such density. At the Council meeting on 6 March 17, I proposed to reduce the bus standees’ density to 4 people per square meter, which is the current MTR’s standee’s density. Long-haul routes such as 962B should even count only the number of seats to allocate the number of bus to serve the route. Trans. Dept. expressed that reducing the density may cause the fare to rise and worsen traffic congestion.

Subsequently, I raised the issue again at the Legislative Council meeting on 26 May 17, when Tsuen Wan District Council members were invited to attend. My proposal was supported by the Legislative Council Members and the Legco instructed the Transport and Housing Bureau to follow up. We hope that the review will be carried out at as early as possible to bring safety and convenience to the residents.

Improve external transport facilities

1: Propose to disperse bus stops to reduce congestion

Roads are narrow in Hong Kong Island. Traffic congestion during rush hours is unavoidable. However, as to my observation, the situation where bus contributed to the congestion by waiting to approach bus stops could be improved by adjusting the locations of bus stops. At the stop of Luard Road, Fleming Road and Kwong Sang Hong Building, several NT west routes concentrated in a bunch of closely located stops. If they can be dispersed, buses could simultaneously allow passengers to board without having to waiting approaching the bus stop. Travel time could be shortened.

2: Follow up illegal shop front extension at Hoi Pa Street

Illegal occupation of pedestrian pavements by shop front extension is happening adjacent to the minibus station of route 96 at Tsuen Wan Market. It makes the already crowded Hoi Pa Street even more congested and causing nuisance to passers-by and waiting passengers. As such, I wrote in March 2017 to several related Government departments for carrying out enforcement actions and I followed up the progress in several Council meetings. Home Affairs Department expressed that Hoi Pa Street has been included in the area of enforcement actions in the next batch. The situation is anticipated to improve.

3: Removed roadside barrier for ease of transfer

Between the bus stop of Lai Chi Kok Station of 52X and the Station entrance, there was a balustrade fencing off pedestrians. Pedestrians had to bypass through the narrow inner path to access the station. Quite a number of people chose to make their way through the little space between the balustrade. As such, I wrote to Trans. Dept and requested to remove the balustrade. Trans. Dept accepted our proposal and carried out the removal works. Now residents may access the Station easier than before.

Response to public consultation

1: Increase the fixed penalty of traffic offences

Traffic obstruction caused by illegal parking becomes a norm in Sham Tseng. Although I have kept requesting for law enforcement actions since I took office last year, illegal parking is just “ubiquitous” and can never be eradicated by the currently available means. I regards increasing the current level of fines for traffic offences as necessary, in order to increase the deterrent effect. The illustration on the right summarises the arguments I have submitted to the Legislative Council in support for the bill to increase the fixed penalty on 17 June.

Serious obstruction in the morning of 26 April 2017


If you found illegal parking, you may consider to report to the police at 3661 1708. Please provide the police with the license number and colour of the vehicle concerned for the police to take enforcement actions. In case of serious obstruction in Sham Tseng Village and Ma Wan Pier bus stops, Police Sergeant promised to tow away the vehicle concerned to reopen the road, if they cannot find the owner.

2: Strengthening regulation of person-to-person marketing calls

Few people wish to receive telemarketing calls. But the fact is you simply cannot stop them from calling. Legislation is necessary to regulate the act of person-to-person marketing calls, in which I responded to the Government’s on-going public consultation. My response is summarised as follows:

Self-regulatory measures may reduce certain nuisance calls within a short period

Government Proposal Councillor’s Response
A trade-specific self-regulatory regime means the establishment of codes of practice by trade associations including the hours of calling, provide undertaking not to call recipients who has indicated his/her disagreement to accept P2P calls, etc. The effectiveness of the policy depends on the number of companies covered. The Government should ensure that the major relevant industries are willing to participate, including banking, insurance, beauty, health care.

Overseeing call-filtering apps to ensure their effectiveness and protect citizen’s privacy

Government Proposal Councillor’s Response
Collaborate (through funding support or other forms) with selected software companies to improve the applications and promote the wider use of call-filtering applications. The fact whether the app will breach the privacy of its users requires attention. Confidence of the public for these apps may increase if the Government is to provide support, as the app companies will not need to obtain income through advertising and selling personal data.

 A statutory do not call register must be established to cease actions of nuisance

Government Proposal Councillor’s Response
Prohibit telemarketers from calling the numbers listed on the Register and Non-compliant telemarketers will be subject to legal sanction, either civil or criminal. Support. To assess whether a call is legitimate, the history of business relationship between the caller and receiver should also be considered. If established, it could also combat the activities which sells personal data.

Full text is available by clicking the below images:

The consultation document for Strengthening the regualtion of person-to-person telemarketing calls is available at the link:


Residents may express your view to the Government on or before 31 July 2017 by one of the following means:



Commerce and Economic Development Bureau,
Communications and Creative Industries Branch,
B Division, 21/F, West Wing, Central Government
Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong

Survey Result

1: Sewage Treatment Works Relocation to Cavern and Property Development
Support   18%
Object      68%
Cannot decide unless more informed   14%

2: Proposed Route 11
Support   44%
Object      12%
Cannot decide unless more informed   22%

3: Inclusion of Yuen Tun into country park area
Support   48%
Object      6%
Cannot decide unless more informed   20%

50 responses were received. This is never enough. I will try to improve response rate. Please continue to support our work!

I want to hear from you! Please let us know what you think through:
  1. Email to icon7-03dc@nhl.hk
  2. Whatsapp to icon8-035546 5506
  3. Post to icon9-03District Councillor’s Office

12 thoughts on “District Quarterly No.6: Improve external transport facilities

    1. 運輸署指因應屯門區議會(主要屯門三聖及兆置區議員)反對,暫時會考慮在來年路線計劃連同其他962系列路線改動一起再推出。

    2. 至今的消息顯示,962E仍會在本年第四季開展服務。

  1. 我有個建意:
    加設行人過馬路燈在青山道浪翠三期後門。因現在撘52Ⅹ回家要在馬灣馬頭落車十分不方便! 現有行人天橋設計差和不安全(過完天橋還要過一條灣位小馬路),有一以差點給下來的車碰到!

    1. 其實16年1月起我已向運輸署跟進三期巴士站的過路問題,當中亦連同 貴苑居民的簽名要求提供過路設施,惟署方指與迴旋處及四期的天橋太接近,所以未能接受建議。至於三期車輛出入口的交通安全問題,我已向山上屋苑提醒行車安全,並了解到三期正準備安裝凸鏡片方便居民過路時留意車輛,希望能避免意外發生!

  2. 261B建議詳細版本:


    08:00-10:00 20 
    08:00-13:00 20 
    09:00-13:00 20 

    16:00-20:00 20 

    08:00-13:00 20
    08:00-10:00 20 
    10:00-15:00 15
    15:00-21:00 20
    09:00-17:00 15
    17:00-21:00 20

    16:00-22:00 20
    10:00-14:00 20
    14:00-21:00 15
    21:00-00:00 20

    06:00-08:00 20
    08:00-18:00 15
    18:00-22:00 20
    06:00-08:00 20
    08:00-18:00 15
    18:00-22:00 20
    08:30-19:00 15
    19:00-22:00 20
    09:00-12:00 20
    12:00-18:00 15
    18:00-19:00 8-10
    19:00-20:00 12
    20:00-22:00 15
    22:00-00:00 20
    09:00-22:00 15  
    22:00-00:00 20


    1. 謝謝你的建議,我會繼續爭取261B延長平日服務時段以及星期六及假日服務。

  3. 夏日炎炎,在深井區日間出市區的巴士經常脫班或爆滿,令等車的乘客難以忍受,我更見過老人家差點中暑,長遠解決交通問題實在刻不容緩!

    1. 爆滿的情況難以令人接受,我會繼續爭取改善服務。至於脫班問題,由於在不同地方,包括234A/B深井出荃灣及52X長沙灣返深井也有發生,我會一如以往遂一探究成因及解決辦法,如你關注某一時段某一路線的脫班情況,請讓我知道,謝謝!

  4. 因302小巴經常於總站已滿座,於深井村很大機會已沒有空位上車,可否反應增加巴士往葵芳解決問題,謝謝

    1. 現時我有2個分向跟進此問題:



      1. 可不可提意在荃灣中染用約1元車費轉乘58M/61M/67M至葵芳站

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