District Quarterly No.8: Annual evaluation and outlook

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Quarterly No.8

Annual evaluation and outlook


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Municipal Issues: Protecting the environment & Providing more facilities

1: Installation of CCTV to deter illegal dumping at Lung Yue Road Refuse Collection Point

Illegal dumping of unwanted furniture and construction waste at Lung Yue Road Refuse Collection Point is rampant. I requested FEHD to clean up the area more frequently and strengthen law enforcement. Site visit with FEHD at Lung Yue Road was conducted on 8 April 2017 to study if it would be possible to install CCTV. FEHD announced at the Council this month that the installation works would be completed by May 2018. With reference to the experience of other districts, CCTV effectively deters illegal dumping so as to maintain a pleasant and tidy environment.

2: Proposal of provision of postal ATM at Hong Kong Garden

Tsing Lung Tau is an area with a population not to be neglected. One of the chronic issue is the lack of municipal facilities. Residents satisfy most of their daily need in the urban area. I proposed in the Council to provide an ATM offering postal and payment service in Tsing Lung Tau and conducted a site visit with Hong Kong Post on 15 November 2017. I envisaged that the postal ATM should be able to weigh, measure, calculate the required postage, print electronic stamps and accept the posting as an one-stop fully automated service. HK Post expressed that they would study the feasibility and target to implement in 2018.

Annual Statement: District Issues Evaluation and Outlook

With your continued support, 2017 was a successful year. Annual statement is made at the beginning of the year to evaluate the outcome of work last year, and to share the outlook for 2018. I want to hear from you, for me to adjust my work to fit your needs.

1: Toward fulfilling election promises

At the time of my election, I was well aware that people in this district were very eager to improve the transportation. Works on this area has always been my focus. In my election platform in 2015, I proposed to improve transportation to the three major commercial areas – Kowloon East, Kowloon South and Hong Kong Island. As a councillor-elect, I have already started to meet with the KMB representatives to discuss my plan, which was positively responded last year and this year. In the future, I will continue to strive for expanding the service hours of special routes 261B and 234D, also strive to launch the express route 261C via Tuen Mun Road, to bring full-time service for residents to conveniently travel between Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwun Tong. In the meantime, I followed up on the service level of 962B last year, Citybus fine-tuned the route schedule and will increase the number of buses this year so as to alleviate the overcrowding situation. I will continue to lobby for the direct service to Wanchai and Causeway Bay in the morning too.

Apart from the three major commercial areas, the airport bus service has always been great concerns to Tsing Lung Tau residents. After series of petitions and discussions in the Council, LWB the bus company finally submitted an application to the Transport Department at the end of last year to provide whole-day service of A31P to Tsing Lung Tau. Surprisingly, TD did not approve the application and instead increased from one trip daily in each direction to four trips daily in each direction. In view of this, I will call for a petition with residents attending the coming District Council meeting on this issue to exert pressure on the Department to bring the whole-day airport bus service to Tsing Lung Tau residents.

It is my sincere pleasure to see that my work as a District Councillor started to pay off and residents have started to have more convenient services. In the meantime, I know very well that I am not the only one to claim the credit, but also for the residents who contributed and my colleagues in the Council who were greatly supportive. In the past year, it was a blessing that we all worked together for the betterment of our district.

2: Developing community facilities and network

I stated in my platform that the community facilities and services of Tsing Lung Tau and Sham Tseng are in chronic shortage. Last year, I continued to follow up with different departments for improvements. In response to issue of fire equipment and unauthorised cover of stalls, I continued to lobby for a comprehensive municipal facilities plan for Sham Tseng and requested FEHD to lead the redevelopment. In addition, I conducted a site visit with Hong Kong Post and proposed to set up a postal ATM at Hong Kong Garden. I also proposed to the LCSD that mobile library services be provided in Tsing Lung Tau. In the future, I will continue to follow up with various banks to set up ATMs at Tsing Lung Tau.

Apart from providing community service hardware, I also hope that the community ties will be strengthened by organising community activities. I will co-organise with The Boys & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong in Sham Tseng for a community exchange program “Second-hand Things Exchange” with the assistance from the Incorporated Owners of Hong Kong Garden. Residents are all welcomed to propose any jointly organised community activities with any organisations to foster a better community together.

3: Consolidating public opinion and making representational democracy work

District affairs concern a wide range of issues. When confronted with the controversial issues, it is never easy to reach a consensus for all parties. Instead of using a passive or even evasive attitude, we should face the problem squarely. The work of District Councillor should not stop at asking questions, but also to come up with proposals and conduct consultation extensively. Councillors should listen to the people, properly serve as the representatives by gathering opinions and reflect them in the Council. Last year, I proposed to build Tuen-Tsuen-Sha Monorail and conducted an extensive consultation in our district. Questionnaire received can be used to evaluate the relative support of residents. But what is more important is the questionnaires received enable us to know what do you think and why. Thus a meaningful discussion could be made in the Council.

I will continue to perform as the public representative and bring the opinions of our residents to the Council in the coming year. I hope everyone will continue to support and actively respond to various issues this year. I wish you all the best in 2018 and all wishes come true!


Transportation: Proposal to enhance transport between Tsing Lung Tau Sham Tseng and Tsuen Wan Kwai Chung

Tsing Lung Tau is over-relying on minibus service. Queue exists every day and it is never easy to board a minibus in Sham Tseng. To return to Tsing Lung Tau, Luk Yeung Galleria is the only promising location. I proposed in the Council to provide transportation between Tsing Lung Tau Sham Tseng and Tsuen Wan Kwai Fong. The proposed new route 52M connects to Tuen Mun Interchange where residents may consider to use to access other urban area.

1:  Tsing Lung Tau over-reliance on minibus service

The population of Tsing Lung Tau almost reaches 10,000. Minibus routes 96, 96M and 302 however were our main transportation means to Tsuen Wan and Kwai Chung. Huge demand for transportation during peak hours cannot be properly served by minibuses which are constrained by limited seats and insufficient vehicles. Long queues always exist at Tsing Lung Tau, Tsuen Wan Multi-storey Carpark and Kwai Chung Plaza. Residents may need to wait for 20- 30 minutes in order to board.

2: Existing unsatisfactory bus services to Tsuen Wan

At present, bus route 53 was the only route to serve Tsing Lung Tau to and from Tsuen Wan. Since from July 2017, the trip headway was even further increased to 35 minutes. Besides, the route departs from Yuen Long, in which the long journey is susceptible to various road conditions, the time reaching Tsing Lung Tau is different every day. Shall it encounters any congestion or traffic accidents, the trapped bus may not be able to return to the terminus on time. The next departure will also be affected. Bus route 53 is by no means a reliable means of transport.

3: Limitation of service area for Minibus and Residents’ Service

The service from Tsuen Wan to Tsing Lung Tau centralised at Luk Yeung Galleria. It is very difficult to get on minibuses at en-route stops, such as Discovery Park, Nan Fung Center and Tsuen Wan West Station.

Proposed Route of 52M

Discussion At the Council

The agendum was discussed at Traffic and Transport Committee meeting on 8 January 2018. Rationale mentioned on the left side of this page was supported by our Council colleagues. KMB agreed that the current minibus service could not fulfil the transport demand at Tsing Lung Tau and Sham Tseng, and will explore different solutions. Trans Dept replied that they will take into consideration factors including the current transport services, passenger demand, resources allocation and the potential occupancy. I will carry on collecting data and fight for bus service between our district and Tsuen Wan Kwai Chung.

Survey Result

On the Councillor proposed monorail connecting Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan and Sha Tin, with an alignment adhering to Tuen Mun Road, without any reclamation, should we build that railway in our district?

Yes, we should 89.8% (345) No, we should not 10.2% (39)
Access more convenient
Relieve traffic pressure on the road
Avoid traffic congestion on the road
Prepare to face of the increase of population in New Territories West
Destroy the natural environment
Introduce tourists to undermine tranquillity
Proposed route did not cross the Hong Kong Island directly
Property prices soaring

There are a total of 384 valid responses to the questionnaire. The method of collection includes 1. physical quarterly report questionnaire; 2. E-mail or instant message transmission of image of completed questionnaire; 3. online voting. To avoid double counting, duplicate replies from the same address / number / e-mail / IP were dismissed.

3 thoughts on “District Quarterly No.8: Annual evaluation and outlook

  1. 感謝你的努力, 希望你能依循民意,繼續替我們爭取鐵路及海雲軒電梯

  2. 港珠澳橋開通在即,日趨飽和的屯門公路不勝負荷, 青山公路交通勢必多倍量增, 樽頸位塞爆。愛清靜的寓公們(包括我七旬老人)都要為青年朋友/學童等後輩返工返學着想, 投票贊成儘快籌建屯荃沙MonoRail, 再說,請要儘快。因為當政者建一座升降機(荃灣綠楊商塲側)都預期需時两年才完成(希望沒超時), 請不要期望這鐵路在2030年前開通了。
    再者,今政府把西鐵延長至屯門南,那麼,西鐵經紅磡便可接駁沙中綫通馬鞍山。於是簡單成為「東西走廊」。改名為「屯馬綫」。實在偷換概念,繞了大圈,增加人流,但又大減便捷,( 與鐵路目的相違)。請伍顯龍議員繼續努力催谷當局,立即研究, 立案進行。

  3. 關於豪景花圍行人過馬路事。
    感謝伍議員及同工成功搬移巴士站。巳經對一眾邨民俾益不少。但其實行人天橋實在太高,年長或行勳有缺憾者仍要逼於無奈橫過青山公路,險象時生。很失望知悉年前當局巳把豪景升降機建設優先序排名第四,未知現在進度如何?念在不遠日子青山公路交通勢必多倍量增,顧及路人安全,天橋升降機實在不能拖延了。(又,不知有無 屋邨是公私合建之例可供参考?)

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