District Quarterly No.9: Collecting data and proposing proactively

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Quarterly No.9

Collecting data and proposing proactively


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Community Service: Participate in promoting environmental protection and organise community activities

1:  Visit “Green Lunar New Year Fairs” with Secretary for Environment

Environmental Campaign Committee co-organised four “Green Lunar New Year Fairs” with local interest groups this year. Environment Bureau, Environmental Protection Department and the Committee visited the Fairs on 10 Feb 2018. There were recycled shopping bags, reusable utensils freely for use. Resources were collected after the Fairs and distributed to those in need. Although citizens are generally environment-aware, the shrinking environmental industry forces collected recycables to be sent to the landfill. I proposed in the Committee that ways to revitalise the local environmental industry should be devised in additional to public education.

2:  Co-organise community activities to strengthen local ties

As mentioned in my Annual Statement, I will organise activities to strengthen community ties. With the assistance of the Commercial Complex and Incorporated Owners of Hong Kong Garden, our office will co-organise with youth development associations in Tsuen Wan an origami workshop for family on 5 May 2018. Recycled red packets would be used to make paper flowers for mother. Meanwhile, our office will co-organise with Hong Kong Society for the Blind an eye-health workshop for the elderly on 26 May 2018. Knowledge on eye diseases and related social resources would be introduced and basic eye examination would be conducted.

Medical Services: Changing designation of hospital for ambulance service


Tsing Lung Tau is located in Tsuen Wan District. However, if an injured person calls an ambulance, it will be sent to Tuen Mun Hospital instead of Yan Chai Hospital in Tsuen Wan District or Princess Margaret Hospital in Kwai Chung District.

Residents of Tsing Lung Tau will be familiar with this issue. I had conducted a questionnaire survey in Tsing Lung Tau in 2017 and the results were as follows:

I sent a letter to Fire Services Department and Hospital Authority requesting that an ambulance departing from Tsing Lung Tau should go to Yan Chai Hospital or Princess Margaret Hospital. Fire Services Department, however, provided a short reply in August 2017 which did not directly respond to the question. Excerpts are as follows:

In March 2018, I followed up this issue at the District Council. The Hospital Authority questioned the low response rate in the 2017 questionnaire and questioned the intention of the residents to change the area of designated hospital.

Therefore, I conduct another questionnaire survey of the affected areas, again. I hope that the residents of Tsing Lung Tau would make reference to the information and consider whether it is appropriate to change the district, and actively respond to express the will of our district to the concerned departments.

Which hospital do you think shall an ambulance at the area between Hong Kong Garden and Yuen Tun Village go to?

If you have set email in your device, please click the link on the right and enter residence information. Yan Chai Hospital  /  Tuen Mun Hospital

If you haven’t set email in your device, you could copy the below information, enter residence information and send email to dc@nhl.hk or whatsapp to 5546 5506.

Dear Councillor, an ambulance at the area between Hong Kong Garden and Yuen Tun Village shall go to Yan Chai Hospital / Tuen Mun Hospital. Resident of (HKG / RSC / LTC / Villages: Flat Floor Block )

District Planning: Proposal to revitalise Tsing Yuen Playground

Tsing Yuen Playground is the only public recreational place at Tsing Lung Tau. With facilities ageing, changes in safety standards and changes in demography, we could see the usage of facilities in the playground becomes ever low. Despite the fact that it is adjoining to the minibus stand of high patronage, passengers simply do not walk into and use the open space due to the inconvenient access. My team and I started the design in February 2018. On 24 April 18, we conducted a site visit with the LCSD and proposed a plan to revitalise the playground. LCSD expressed that this playground was completed about 30 years ago and agreed to improve the space and gradually replace the facilities. Residents are welcome to propose by what facilities to be replaced.

Enhancement works to the area near bus stop of Ma Wan Pier

Illegal dumping was rampant at the area between Ma Wan Pier bus stop and Pai Min Kok Village Refuse Collection Point. Also in light of the lack of benches for bus waiting, I requested Home Affairs Department to enhance the area into a sitting-out area in May 2016. The works were completed in March 2018.

Transportation: Reached consenus with 302 operator for service improvement

I have received numerous feedback from Tsing Lung Tau and Sham Tseng residents on minibus route 302 about insufficient trips, poor vehicle condition and lack of contingency plan in response to unexpected events. In view of this, I collected data at the 302 minibus stop at Hong Kong Garden on 13 March 18, and met again with the Transport Department and the operator on the above issues and reached a consensus. These included:

Data analysis

I understand that there is little chance of being able to get to 302 on the way. One solution is to replace the fleet with 19 minibuses.

 Figure 1 shows the queue status of the current in the morning peak hours at Hong Kong Garden station. The chart shows that even the single station of Hong Kong Garden has already had a long queue of people.

Figure 2 shows that assuming the use of 19 minibuses across the board and the assumption of keeping the driving time constantly. The chart clearly shows that out of the 14 shuttles that took out within 2 hours, there are 3 flights to the Sea Crest Villa Phase Four with only 1-2 seats available, and there will be 2-10 seats in 7 trips for passengers on the midway station to get in, so  the situation will be improved. Residents may feel that even if there is a bus on the bus, the driver will wait until the car is full before driving. Passengers will not get on the bus stop.

Figure 3 assumes that 19 minibuses are used across the board and that the hypothetical driver will only drive under 90% full. The graph shows that the number of departures during the two-hour prime time period was reduced from 14 to 12 and the total route revenue decreased 15%. Residents’ waiting time is extended by about 4-14 minutes. It is a situation of three losses for residents, drivers and operators. If this happens, it is believed that operators will make adjustments to increase their profitability, and I will also make representations.

Transportation: Following airport bus to observe Tsing Lung Tau

1: Meeting with Transport Department for Route Planning Programme

Transport Department proposed 4 trips per direction every day for A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau in Route Planning Programme 2018. This is contrary to the “full-day” scheme seen appropriate by the residents and the bus company. Representative of Trans. Dept. was invited to my office to discuss the plan in detail on 26 February 2018. Trans. Dept. expressed that the scheme for A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau full-day was not supported due to occupancy and adverse effect to the passengers between Tsing Lung Tau and Tsuen Wan.

2: Petition with Residents at District Council

This issue was discussed at the Traffic and Transport Committee of Tsuen Wan District Council on 5 March 2018. Members of Incorporated Owners of Hong Kong Garden, Owners’ Committee of Sea Crest Villa Phase 4, our residents and I attended the meeting and presented a petition to Trans. Dept. and the bus company, for A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau full-day. I express my gratitute to all parties offered assistance.

3: Follow-up and forward planning at District Council

I further pursued this issue at the District Council on 11 April 2018. Trans. Dept. confirmed that they would carry on the plan of 4 trips per direction every day. As of the current fleet size, there are only few trips whose journey time to observe Tsing Lung Tau might not be able to fit into the tight schedule. I proposed to find out all possible departures where there is time surplus by elimination and let them observe Tsing Lung Tau in order to substantially widen the service hours.


Please fill in your name、resident and contact, you may let us know by:
  1. Email to icon7-03dc@nhl.hk
  2. Whatsapp to icon8-035546 5506
  3. Submit to icon9-03District Councillor’s Office

PS: Recycled paper is used as far as possible for both external publications and internal office matters for environmental protection, also District Quarterly currently printed with 100% recycled paper and soy ink!

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