District Facilities Platform

Revamp public facilities and Upgrade municipal services

The Necessity of Revamp.

Following up regular municipal services, such as street cleansing, is something a District Councillor would do. But in my opinion, a Councillor should even focus more on advocating for fundamental improvement to public facilities and services. By revamping the old-fashioned way of handling, and looking into reasons of improvement being not proceeding, the public facilities and services could perform the way it should be to keep up with the times.

1: Re-plan Sham Tseng Municipal Area Land Uses

The area under Sham Tseng Bridge is zoned as “GIC”. Although I have co-proposed in the Council for an integrated municipal facilities building, the proposal was not proceeding because there are no leading department to take up such works. I propose that cooperation with welfare organisations or commercial businesses, for providing services to Sham Tseng residents via the model of social entreprises, should be openly considered to facilitate the overall planning development.

2: Multi-pronged approach to mitigate vehicle noise nuisance

The huge-noise-emitting vehicles are causing serious nuisance to our district. While the issue is a complex one, I pinpointed three factors: Speeding, illegal modification and noise standards being too loose. Respectively, I will further press the relevant departments to take corresponding actions seriously to return a peaceful living environment to our district.

Urge Police for inter-departmental enforcement actions
Request Transport Department to install speed cameras in our district
Request Environmental Protection Department to tighten the vehicular noise emission standard

3: Enhance the promenade in Tsing Lung Tau & Sham Tseng

The promenade in Tsing Lung Tau & Sham Tseng is always a good place to relax and enjoy the coastal scenery. However, there are not much facilities for leisure. Taking into consideration the purview and available resources of several government departments, I will request and supervise them for various kinds of improvement works.

Provide additional seats and shelter along Tsing Lung Tau promenade (Conceptual sketch)
Paint the retaining wall and enlarge the tree pit etc (Conceptual sketch)
Follow up the reconstruction of Anglers’ Beach Facilities (Conceptual sketch)

4: Abatement of aircraft noise nuisance

Aircraft using the West Lamma Channel avoids flying over our district, which greatly reduce the noise nuisance to us. Civil Aviation Department replied us that there are flights meeting the requirement of the approach track and are using it. I will continue to urge CAD to expedite the progress of fully utilising the track.

5: Follow up lift for access to Sea Crest Villa & Anglers’ Bay

The Government took into consideration our proposal in 2016 and started their study and evaluation of the proposal since December 2017. It is expected results would be known in 2020. The Government is following up my requests to upgrade the existing hillside staircase to enhance the safety, and expect to complete installing a new street light in March 2020.

Proposed Lift connecting Castle Peak Road and Sea Crest Villa & Anglers’ Bay (Conceptual sketch)
Site Visit with Works Inspectors of Home Affairs Department

6: Enhance waiting environment at TW Minibus Terminus

Since the rearrangement of the minibus terminus of 96M near Tsuen Wan MTR, the new location is badly ventilated, affected by disturbing mechanical noise and has inconvenient access. I proposed from the users’ experience point of view several viable measures to improve the waiting environment.

Replace mechanical fans & Install noise-proof material (Conceptual sketch)
Provide new access facing Castle Peak Road
Substitute with grille of larger perforation to facilitate ventilation

7: Urge for additional noise barrier at Tuen Mun Road

Environmental Protection Department admits the noise measured at Sea Crest Villa Phase I exceeds the noise limit. I proposed a noise enclosure be built, along with the widening of Sham Tseng Bridge. Also, I propose to build the missing section of noise barrier near Hong Kong Garden Block 9. Other measures to mitigate the noise nuisance, such as planting, will also be looked into.

8: Follow up the Government proposed bicycle lane works

There are four sections in the Government-proposed Tsuen Wan – Tuen Mun bicycle lane. For the section involving Tsing Lung Tau and Sham Tseng, there are no concrete plans from the Government known yet. I will request the Government to release their design so as to consult the local residents.

9: Proposed safety enhancement measures at bus stops

Quite often minibuses and buses are unable to properly stop in the bus lay-by because of illegal parking or the insufficient length of the lay-by. Passengers board and alight in the middle of the vehicular road, which is dangerous. I have requested the Police to strengthen their action against illegal parking. Also, for the bus stop of Lido Garden, I proposed to lengthen it and to convert the balustrade at the rear side of the bus stop to bollards so as to enable passengers to return to the pavement as soon as they alighted.

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