District Quarterly No.1: Commence district works

Tsuen Wan Rural
First District Quarterly

Commence district works



Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Summary of my speeches in the Council

Icons-1EnviroEnvironment and Health

Proposed to install pedal-open devices to dump bins
Urged to strengthen cleaning to footbridges & pavements
Urged to monitor the hygiene around refuse collection points

Icons-2TrafficTraffic and Transport

Urged bus companies to provide bidirectional section fares
Urged to make new bus routes observe Tsing Lung Tau
Proposed to build a lift to Sea Crest Villa and Anglers’ Bay

Icons-3FaciltiesFacilities Management

Proposed to provide more facilities to Anglers’ Beach
Proposed to find a better location for mobile library

Icons-4PlanningDistrict Planning

Requested the review of Tsuen Wan footbridge design
Supported the rezoning of Chai Wan Kok to business zone
Requested the provision of a North-South ventilation corridor

Icons-5PoliticsCurrent Affairs: Vision Planning of Lantau

Proposed to boost cultural, creativity and high-tech industries
Proposed the provision of facilities in public domain
Questioned the necessity of creating an artificial island

Icons-6SecurityDistrict Security

Urged to strengthen law enforcement on Sham Tseng illegal parking

Bus Planning Programme:
Strive for extending new routes to observe Tsing Lung Tau

G160218 RDPResponse_title-09
Summary diagram of Route Planning Programme proposed by Transport Department

The Route Planning Programme (RPP) of this year proposed by Transport Department contains a number of proposals that benefit Sham Tseng. However, the need of Tsing Lung Tau residents are being ignored. The diagram above summarises the routes which our district concerns.

Our office conducted a survey on RPP in cooperation with several Owners’ committees and Incorporated owners of our district. Questionnaires were distributed to the residents during 24 February to 2 March. There are mainly two questions:

For the proposal to extend 48P and A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau, I:

If the proposed 48P is to observe Tsing Lung Tau, the appropriate departure time would be:

920 completed questionnaires were received. The below table shows the result. Meanwhile, our office will sincerely consider any written opinion on the questionnaires.

Bus questionnaire result-01At the meeting of Traffic and Transport Committee (TTC) of Tsuen Wan District Council on 7 March, the chairperson and several committee members of the Incorporated Owners of Hong Kong Garden, several residents of Hong Kong Garden*, the chairperson of Owners’ committee of Sea Crest Villa Phase 4 and several district concern groups* came to submit a petition to the representatives of the Transport Department and the bus company. During the meeting, most of the Council members supported the routes concerned to observe Tsing Lung Tau. The meeting was part of the Transport Department’s consultation exercise and a final decision is yet to be made in June. I will closely follow up the issue and strive for better transportation for our district.

*Amendment to the print edition


Information on bus interchange

Bus network improvement is a long process. As for now, if you are going to these three destinations, you may consider using these bus interchange schemes.

Bus-04 Bus-05 Bus-08

District Liaison Issues:Office opening

Our office at the Commercial Complex of Hong Kong Garden officially opened in 9 April! We are honored to have invited the chairperson and members of Tsuen Wan District Council, the Tsuen Wan District Officer of Home Affairs Department, officers of various government departments, representatives of villages, owners’ committees and owners’ corporations and other honorable guests. We are thankful to all your support and confidence in me. I wish all of you every success!


Opening Hours of Our Office

Monday to Friday
09:00-13:00  14:00-18:00

Weekday nights and Saturday appointment welcomed
Sunday and Public Holidays closed

Environmental Issues:
Better living by better design

Illegal dumping at Ma Wan Pier Bus Stop

Illegal dumping near Ma Wan Pier Bus Stop persists to cause hygiene problem. We liaised with Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) a few times for clearing the dumping since January. Yet the passive actions which FEHD has taken has less effect to prevent dumping from reoccurring.


In the short term, we call for witnesses of the illegal dumping processes. After making sure you are safe, you may record images, preferably with the registration plate of the dumping vehicle, and report to the police for their law enforcement actions.


In the long term, I propose to convert the triangular open space into a sitting-out area. This could prevent illegal dumping and provide shade and seats for the passengers in waiting.

Proposal to provide seats at the waterfront near Sea Crest Villa Roundabout

Adding useful facilities is our first step to activate our waterfront. Though the funding allocated by Environmental and Health Affairs Committee of Tsuen Wan District Council is limited, we proposed on 3 March 2016 to the District Council to add two benches at the waterfront opposite to the Sea Crest Villas to attract residents to enjoy the beautiful view there.



I have fine-tuned the standard design of the Home Affairs Department to ensure the benches looks good and are comfortable to use. In the future, we will put forward our waterfront vision that mentioned in our platform at the Coastal Affairs Committee of Tsuen Wan District Council to discuss and design the waterfront of Tsuen Wan as a whole.


Traffic Issues:
Rationalising district traffic as our first priority

Hands-on: Tackling the inconvenience of crossing Castle Peak Road

1.Following the relocation of Hong Kong Garden Bus Stop to the footbridge

We sent letters on 2 February and 13 March to Transport Department to report the problem of jaywalking near Hong Kong Garden and request the relocation of the bus stop. Transport Department replied that the proposal is being studied and we received no formal written reply yet. For now, there are two options with different pros and cons, residents are welcomed to express their views.

*After the Quarterly went to press, we received the written reply from Transport Department. It says that Transport Department is studying two proposals, which are the Option B of our diagram and the existing minibuses lay-by underneath the footbridge concerned. The Option A of our diagram is not being further studied because of technical difficulties. Shall there be any feasible solutions, Transport Department will consult the residents in collaboration with Home Affairs Department.




2.Proposal to reduce waiting time of crossing at Ma Wan Pier

We sent a letter on 28 January to Transport Department for reducing the pedestrian waiting time at the traffic light near Ma Wan Pier to zero. It means the pedestrian could immediately cross the road shall they need to unless the time lapsed from last pedestrian green light is less than a certain length. Transport Department replied on 26 February that they agree the waiting time can be shortened. However, zero waiting time cannot be achieved due to the limitation of the light controller. The pedestrian waiting time during non-peak hours are now reduced from 70 seconds at most to 55 seconds at most.


Smoothing traffic flow in our district

Chronic illegal parking at Ma Wan Pier and Lido Garden

Seven positions in Sham Tseng and Tsing Lung Tau are chronically congested by illegal parking.



Since we took office, we requested the police to strengthen law enforcement and smooth the traffic flow at peak hours especially during holiday. Regular law enforcement hopefully would deter further offenders.


Objection to the Sham Tseng Sewage Treatment Plant Relocation


I formally responded to the Government to against the proposal on 28 January with three reasons:
The operation of the existing Sewage Treatment Plant is good while residents do not feel substantially bad about it.
Once the project commences, our district will suffer from prolonged and persistent adverse effect.
Our district lacks the infrastructure and community facilities to accommodate the additional population.


You are welcomed to express your opinion on our work!

Email: dc@nhl.hk

Phone: 2491 1722

Office Address: Shop 1, LG/F, Commercial Complex, Hong Kong Garden, Tsing Lung Tau, N.T.


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