District Quarterly No.11: Utilise knowledge and make sensible proposals

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Quarterly No.11

Utilise knowledge and make sensible proposals


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Transport facilities: Follow up the waiting condition and accessibility of Tsuen Wan MTR Minibus Terminus

1: Barrier unnecessarily blocks ventilation and mechanical plants emits excessive noise

Since the reconfiguration of 96M minibus terminus, I received continuous complaints against the waiting environment of the minibus terminus. I looked into the problem, proposed measures and conducted site visit with government officials in November 2018. Government Property Agency replied that the grille screens were installed to prevent people from littering. Architectural Services Department responded that the grille screens of higher perforation may be considered. Electrical and Mechanical Services Department replied that they were studying to improve the mechanical ventilation systems. Moreover, the plants at the ceiling of the queue are emitting excessive noise. I requested EMSD to provide sound insulation to the equipment.

2: Inconvenient new boarding location: Proposed new access to Castle Peak Road

Some residents reflected that the new boarding point of 96M is much deeper into the terminus. They have to walk through a footbridge, across the corridor at mezzanine floor and a flight of staircase before arriving the boarding point. In case the resident need to take a lift, he has to take a detour through the periphery of the terminus, which neglects the safety for those in need. I proposed to enhance the circulation by providing a new access to Castle Peak Road through the existing planter. Transport Department and Architectural Services Department and Leisure and Cultural Services Department replied that they would favourably consider our proposal.

Policy Address:Understanding your views towards Policies about which our district is concerned

1: Western Coastal Rail Link

The Government announced their plan of “Lantau Tomorrow”, the controversial artificial islands proposal, and “Western Coastal Railway”. The feasibility and tentative completion of “Western Coastal Railway” is doubtful (news reports estimated the reclamation will be completed by 2032, let alone the railway works). In comparison, “Tuen-Tsuen-Sha Railway” proposed by the Councillor focuses on reducing the scale, cost and time of the railway works and focuses on linking the East and West New Territories, the area currently with no railway coverage.

2: 過海隧道分流方案 Redistribution of Harbour Crossing Traffic

Policy agenda says “Propose that, with effect from 1 January 2020, the actual tolls … for using Western Harbour Crossing be lowered, while the corresponding tolls of Cross Harbour Tunnel and Eastern Harbour Crossing be increased at the same time, so as to achieve reasonable re-distribution of traffic among the road harbour crossings for alleviating crossharbour traffic congestion and minimising the impact on noncross-harbour traffic.”

Although the policy aims to alleviate congestion, there are views that by such policy the three harbour crossing tunnels will all be congesting. By then time could no longer be saved by paying higher fees.

3: Amendment to Building Management Ordinance

Policy Agenda says to “Amend the Building Management Ordinance to ensure that the ordinance keeps pace with changes, encourage owners to attend OC meetings in person, and improve the traceability of the operation of OCs by enhancing its transparency, accountability and related record keeping, with a view to facilitating owners’ discharge of their responsibilities to manage their buildings properly.”

Transport services :Follow up the proposals of transportation improvement

Bus service in our district has shown improvement in my tenure, such as the commencement of 234D and some trips of Airport bus A31P starts to observe Tsing Lung Tau. I will continue to follow a number of transportation improvement proposals, to collect occupancy data on street and to meet representatives of Transport Department and bus companies.

1: Keep fighting for service improvement to Kowloon East

2: Keep fighting for service strengthening to Island East and direct service to Wan Chai

3: Keep fighting for service strengthening to Kowloon South and return service

4: Keep fighting for Airport bus service to observe Tsing Lung Tau

5: Keep fighting for new bus service to Tsuen Wan and Kwai Chung

6: Keep fighting for Overnight harbour crossing bus service

Environmental Protection: Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

From 1 August 2018, the seller of regulated electrical equipment (REE) is required to arrange free removal of your used equipment when you purchase a new REE. You may also make an appointment with the Government’s recycling service operator for free collection even if you make no purchase. While throwing a used REE away at refuse collection points is currently not prohibited, citizens should consider utilise the removal service provided by the REE sellers and Government’s recycling operator in order to properly recycle the used equipment for protecting the environment and turning waste into resources.

Government Hotline for Free Collection of Waste Equipment: 2676 8888

The Lift Proposal: Our Proposal currently under assessment: Preliminary result expected in 2019

Policy Agenda says “continuing with the study to review and improve the assessment mechanism for proposed hillside escalator links and elevator system projects”. The proposed lift connecting Sea Crest Villas and Anglers’ Bay is one of the projects being assessed by the Government. I understand from the Government that a preliminary assessment result of our proposed lift will be released by 2019.


What is your opinion towards the following items mentioned in Policy Address by the Government? Support / Object / Cannot decide unless more informed?

1: Western Coastal Rail Link (Tuen Mun – Sunny Bay – Artificial Islands – HK)

2: Redistribution of Harbour Crossing Traffic

3: Amendment to Building Management Ordinance

Please provide your choice, your name、resident and contact, you may let us know by:
  1. Email to dc@nhl.hk
  2. Whatsapp to5546 5506
  3. Submit toDistrict Councillor’s Office

PS: Only three questions and simple choices are listed above, taking into consideration the nature of the topic and ease of summarisation. You are also welcomed to provide your rationale or feedback to other topics. Thanks!

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