District Quarterly No.2: Committed to improve transportation in our district

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Quarterly No.2

Committed to improve
transportation in our district


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Summary of my speeches in the Council

Icons-1EnviroEnvironment and Health

Urged to include non-statutory beaches into cleaning schedule
Urged to strengthen measures to tackle biting midges
Proposed to enhance the area near Ma Wan Pier refuse point

Icons-2TrafficTraffic and Transport

Requested to review the proposal of A31P observing Tsing Lung Tau
Proposed to commence bus routes to Kowloon East and South
Proposed to provide an at-grade crossing at Hong Kong Garden
Questioned the effectiveness of further adding warning signs
Agreed to allow buses to access Tsuen Wan West Station through Hoi On Road

Icons-3FaciltiesFacilities Management

Requested to release details on new facilities at Anglers’ Beach

Icons-5PoliticsCurrent Affairs: Retirement Protection

Reminded not to neglect the executive details for an application
Proposed to issue specific life-long bond for the elderlies
Requested to laid down the method to tackle deficit

Route Planning Programme﹕
Conclusion by Transport Department after consultation

Transport Department announced the consultation results of the route planning programme for this year on 30 June.


Thanks to all of your supports, the rush hour service to Shatin 48P will be extended to Hong Kong Garden and are expected to launch in the forth quarter this year.  A31P and the return trip of 234C are expected to launch in the third quarter this year. However, A31P remains to observe stops up to Ma Wan Pier, in which Tsing Lung Tau cannot directly benefit from the service. Our office will continue to study, to collect data, to propose and to negotiate with different parties to improve the transportation in our district.


Regarding the request for the airport bus A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau, I submitted the petition with the signatures of the residents to the Bus Company and Transport Department on the meeting of Traffic and Transport Committee on 4 July. I requested the Bus Company and Transport Department to review the feasibility to extend the route to Tsing Lung Tau within 3 months with the support of the Council.

Petition to the Bus Company and Transport Department for re-visiting the proposal

Follow-up Issues﹕
Improving the transportation in our district

Discussion for proposals for routes 261B and 261C

Our office formally discussed the proposal of the proposed express route to Kwun Tong 261C with Transport Department and Bus Company in April. The meeting was smooth and they were positive towards the proposal. They recognised the insufficiency of the existing bus service and the growing demand to access Kowloon East. Meanwhile, taking the recent development along Castle Peak Road into account, they are closely monitoring the occupancy rate and considering to provide more trips of 261B in the future.


We are determined to strive for implementing this proposal by 2017. We will follow up with Bus Company and report to you in time.

Minibuses at Sea Crest Villa Phase 4: The missing morning special trips

The route description of 96 and 96M states that there are special trips departing from Sea Crest Villa Phase 4 for every 10/12 minutes during rush hour in the morning. However, the schedule of the special trips were unstable and failed to meet the requirement.


Transport Department replied that they will conduct a survey to check the service condition and urge the minibus operator to maintain adequate service level. No improvement, however, has been made. As such, our office collected data on site on our own. We have submitted the request to rectify the situation and to ensure a reliable service for the residents to Transport Department and minibus operator.

Route Proposal Consultation﹕
Proposal to extend 234B to Tuen Mun Road Interchange


Although there are quite a number of bus routes in our district, our district still faces several transport issues due to improper planning:

  1. Insufficient routes to urban district ;
  2. Practically no service to Tsuen Wan for Tsing Lung Tau;
  3. Residents of Sea Crest Villa and Angler Bay have to climb up home when taking the urban bus route.;
  4. Minibus to Kwai Fong unlikely to provide seats to residents of Sham Tseng

We have closely and carefully studied the current level of bus and minibus service in our district. We now propose to extend 234B to Tuen Mun Interchange and adding two extra buses to the fleet. Having considered the limited resources which the bus company is willing to provide, we regard it is acceptable even if the route 53 of low usage has to be cancelled.

Interchange opportunities for urban routes

234B+53-1-03The extended 234B will observe both directions of the Tuen Mun Interchange. Residents of Sham Tseng and Tsing Lung Tau can access Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and the urban district with convenience.

Facilitating access to Sea Crest Villas

234B+53-2-03Transport along the access road of Sea Crest Villas and Anglers’ Bay can only access Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi. The extension of 234B and the establishment of interchange concession with urban routes offers the residents of Sea Crest Villa opportunities to go to more destination without climbing up. For instance, you may take 52X to Ma Wan Pier and then interchange to 234B for free; or you may take Tuen Mun routes to the Interchange and then change to 234B.

Wider coverage and more frequent service

234B+53-3-03Areas including Sea Crest Villa Phase 4 , Tsing Lung Tau and Ka Loon Tsuen will be covered by the effective bus service. The demand surge for minibus service during rush hour will be buffered. We proposed to add two more buses to the fleet to serve the wider coverage. Headway would reduce to 10 minutes in peak hours and 15 minutes in non-peak hour.

Click to see Details on the route proposal


Details on the route proposal

ICON1-03Departing from Tsuen Wan West Station

234B follows the original route to Sea Crest Villa bus terminus. Then it observes the stops of Sea Crest Villa Phase 4, Tsing Lung Tau Village, Hong Kong Garden, Vistatcliff, Vistaclove, Ka Loon Tsuen, Tuen Mun Interchange (Tuen Mun) and Tuen Mun Interchange (Kowloon) via Castle Peak Road.

ICON2-03Departing from Tuen Mun Interchange (Kowloon Direction)

234B observes the stops of Tuen Mun Interchange (Tuen Mun), Ka Loon Tsuen, , Vistaclove, Hong Kong Garden, Tsing Lung Tau Village, Sea Crest Villa Phase 4 via Castle Peak Road. Then it follows the original route from Sea Crest Villa bus terminus heading for Tsuen Wan West Station.

Icon4-03Proposed Fare 1

Full fare increases by $0.7, form $5.1 to $5.8. Section fare from Sea Crest Villa Phase 1 reduces to $4.4 in compensation to the outbound extra cost.

Icon4-03Proposed Fare 2

Full fare increases by $0.7, form $5.1 to $5.8. Section fare from Sea Crest Villa Phase 1 becomes applicable to both directions. By swiping the card again before Sea Crest Villa Phase 1, $0.7 will be credited to the card. Section fare of $4.1 from Bellagio to Sea Crest Villa will remain unchanged.

ICON3-03Fleet Arrangements

Two double decker buses will be added to the fleet of 234B. Headway of non peak hours reduces to 15 minutes and 10 minutes in peak hour. Cancellation of 53 is acceptable so as to make resources available.

icon5-03Interchange Concession

Set up interchange concessions with all routes observing Tuen Mun Interchange. The fare of 234B will be waived or rebated regardless of direction.

Icon6-03Service Hours

Service hours extends to 00:15am


What do you think? We are collecting the resident’s opinions. The proposal will be submitted to the District Council meeting in September after this consultation.

Additional information on this proposal﹕

Click to see Point-to-point analysis of route 53

Point-to-point analysis of route 53

53 could be well substituted by the integration of a few routes. Existing routes including 234B, 52X, 61M, K51, 67M, 68A, K65, K75, Light Rail and West Rail covered most of the area served by 53. Point-to-point analysis of route 53 shows the alternatives for existing passengers of 53 if the proposal is being adopted. The conclusion of the analysis is that: Trips from Ping Shan and Ha Tsuen to any district, and trips from Tsuen Wan West, Belvedere and Ting Kau to Gold Coast and Chi Lok will experience some inconvenience by having to change. But passengers from most of the districts can enjoy a better transportation by the integration of service.


Click to see Improvement plan for Tuen Mun and Yuen Long

Improvement plan for Tuen Mun and Yuen Long

Setting up section fare of 52X from Tuen Mun to Sham Tseng

Provide a section fare of $7.8 from Tuen Mun Central to Bellagio. $5.0 will be returned by tapping the card before Bellagio in order to re-provide the direct service between Tsing Ling Lau, Sham Tseng and Tuen Mun.

Providing service to So Kuwn Wat and Avignon

2 buses spared from 53 could be used to provide service to the area, such as special trips of 61M departing there to Tsuen Wan and Kwai Ching, 261B to Kowloon South and my proposed 261C to Kowloon East. The residences have been occupied for five years while the transportation network remains local. One must take the local route K53 and change to West Rail, 52X, 61M or 962B to access the urban areas. There are upcoming developments completing soon. The transportation should be well planned as soon as possible.

Extending 68A to Yuen Long East and reducing headway

68A follows the original route from Tsing Yi Station to Long Ping Estate bus terminus, and observes the stops of Tung Tau Industrial Area, Tai Cheung Street (To be built), Sun Yuen Long Centre, Yuen Long East.

68A departs from Yuen Long East and observes Tai Cheung Street (To be built), Tai Kiu Village, Chu Ping House via On Lok Road, Wang Lok Street, Fuk Hei Street, and goes back to its original route to Tsing Yi Station.

2 buses will be transferred from 53 to 68A. Non-peak hours headway reduces to 12 minutes while that of peak hours reduced to 7 minute.

Fare remains unchanged.


Click to see Proposed route map

Route Proposal

53Route-01 53Route-05


Traffic Issues﹕
Proposal to provide an at-grade crossing at the entrance of Hong Kong Garden

In the meeting of Traffic and Transportation Committee of the District Council held on 4 July, I proposed to provide an at-grade crossing at the entrance of Hong Kong Garden to prevent further accidents. TR160608HKgEntramce_Annex-01

Consecutive mishappenings at the concerned site (Photo taken by residents)
Proposed an at-grade crossing at District Council meeting on 4 July

Although Transport Department did not immediately accept the proposal holding the principles of segregation of vehicles and pedestrians, the transport engineer-in-charge proposed several improvements measures: Moving the bus stop to the footbridge, imposing the speed restriction to 50 km/h at the junction, improving road marking to smooth the merging of vehicles.

Draft drawing on the proposed relocation of bus stop by Tran. Dept.

Minor District Proposals﹕
Proposed by residents and co-ordinated by the Councillor

We are glad to know many residents are keen on improving our community as much as we do! Your opinions are much welcomed. Opinions on transport, hygiene and facilities which are sound will be followed up immediately. However, some suggestions are to change the habit of the resident and their absolute benefit is uncertain. It is not suitable for us to directly proceed with relevant departments or organizations prior to conducting consultation. Therefore, we are experimenting to select some proposals which are feasible at a glance to put in the corner of “Minor District Proposals” in our quarterly report. You are welcomed to share us your view on these issues through our website, Facebook, email or Whatsapp.


We will gauge whether the proposals are gaining the support from the residents before proceeding. If you have some good ideas to share with us, pleasedo not heasitate to speak out.

Reverse the queuing direction of 962B at Hong Kong Garden

It is unbearably hot during summer. Harsh sunlight makes us sweat and feel uncomfortable while waiting for bus. Reverse the queuing direction of 962B at Hong Kong Garden can avoid exposing to direct sunlight, shield rain in rainy days and maintain the passage unobstructed.


Splitting the minibus stop of 96 and 96M at Sham Tseng Village

The existing combined queue for 96 and 96M often creates conflicts of suspected queue jumping. When the people in front of queue stopped boarding, the driver may be misled that the boarding has finished. The people at the back of the queue would miss the trip. Splitting the queue of 96 and 96M at Sham Tseng Village can help avoid these problems and make boarding easier for the residents to Tsuen Wan West Station.


Join our working groups to build a better community

We hope to cooperate and communicate with the residents more directly and closely to build a better community through different working  groups.

If you are interested in joining the working group of Transport, Lift or Promenade Planning,

Please fill in your name、resident and contact, you may let us
know by:
  1. Email to         icon7-03dc@nhl.hk
  2. Whatsapp to  icon8-035546 5506
  3. Submit to       icon9-03District Councillor’s Office

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