District Quarterly No.3: Facilitate proper coastal planning

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Quarterly No.3

Facilitate proper coastal planning

Impression for Anglers’ Beach Design advocated by the Councillor


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Summary of my speeches in the Council

Icons-1EnviroEnvironment and Health

Urged to upkeep the vegetation near roads for noise mitigation
Requested to clean and intercept marine trash



Traffic and Transport

Urged to commence improvements works at HKG entrance
Urged to manage the traffic offences of vehicles and bicycles

District Planning

Questioned the compatibility of house development at Cheun Lung
Questioned the protection of existing open storage by green belts



Current Affairs: Issues on Mini-storages

Questioned the upgrade of industiral building fire services standard
Questioned the inaction against dangerous goods in mini-storages
Asked about the insufficient staff size for enforcement

Waterfront Planning:
Co-ordinating the re-provision of Anglers’ Beach facilities

1:750 Plan of Beach Level – Design advocated by the Councillor
1:1500 Plan at Road Level – Design advocated by the Councillor

LCSD revealed its proposal of Anglers’ Beach facilities reprovisioning in August, and showed us their preliminary design concept. LCSD intended to build a two-storey building with facilities including changing rooms and showers. Meanwhile, we understand that CEDD intended to carry on the Tsuen Tuen Bicycle Lane project, in which the LCSD-proposed building will obstruct the passage of the Lane. Our office then commenced design studies, co-ordinated the relevant departments and put forward our proposal, summarised in the three points below. The inter-departmental meeting in September preliminarily adopted the direction to reserve rooftop space for proposed Tsuen Tuen Bicycle Lane, subject to adjustment due to limited resources. Our office will closely follow the detail design and construction.

Low-profile design to avoid obstruction to scenery

To avoid obstruction to beautiful scenery along the coastal ares of Castle Peak Road,  the beach facilities should not be higher than the road level. We propose to move the facilities on the second floor to the beach level, divided into office, changing room and barbecue area.

Include a promenade connecting Castle Peak Road

The roof space as a promenade connecting Castle Peak Road, which extend the pedestrian pathway and public space.

Reserve space for the proposed Tsuen Tuen Bicycle Link

The structure of  promenade reserve space for the proposed bicycle link. Parts of the promenade can be reconstructed as bicycle link instead of rebuild the whole facilities if the bicycle link project start.

1:200 Section A – Design advocated by the Councillor
1:200 Section B – Design advocated by the Councillor

Perspective from Section C – Design advocated by the Councillor

Updates on the proposed Tsuen Wan – Tuen Mun Bicycle Lane

Works between Tsuen Tsing Bridge and Bayview Garden has been gazetted and commenced. For Phase 1 & 2 in which our district is concerned, CEDD visited our office on 4 August and introduced the latest alignment. For Tsuen Wan Rural District, the proposed track mainly sticks to the coastal line, which is similar to the previous proposal. I reiterated that the officials must pay close attention to the potential nuisance to Lido Garden, the interface with Anglers’ Beach, and the overall planning of coastal open spaces. Engineer-in-charge, Mr Tsang of CEDD, told the Council on 27 September that they anticipate the proposal be submitted to Coastal Affairs Committee of TWDC in November. I, as the vice-chairman of the committee, will closely follow up the proposal and actively bring your opinion to the Council.

Alignment schematic diagram released in 2011 by CEDD

The Lift Proposal:
Site visits with officials and public events for better chance of get built

A joint site visit with the engineer of Trans. Dept, the representatives from Sea Crest Villa Phase 1, 2, Anglers’ Bay and our office was conducted at the morning on 5 October. The site situation was demonstrated to the engineer-in-charge. The difficulty of access was also eloquently expressed by the residents’ representatives.



The engineer-in-charge said this proposal satisfies the criteria of the programme and is listed in the next batch for assessment, which is pending for further resources from the government.

Updates on the lobbying for an elevator be built by the government

There are two schemes from the Government for building elevators:


Hillside Escalator Links

Listed in the proposals for elevators in the next batch. Pending for assessment and studies by the government.


There are many proposals pending for assessment in Hong Kong. Although we had submitted our proposal to TD at the Council immediately after we took office, we have to wait until the previous batch proceeds before the government assess new proposals.

Accessibility Programme

As far as we know, the programme will be submitted to TWDC in January 2017 for nomination and selection. We are preparing for a campaign to gather support.


Although the policy address this year has lifted the restriction which confining lift proposals to public walkways maintained by the HyD, the prerequisite and assessment criteria is not yet released. It is expected to be discussed at the Council in Jan 2017.

Moreover, as is the current practice, the programme will let the Council decides how to select the priority projects. It means there will be competition with other proposals in Tsuen Wan District, e.g. town centre.

Racing (Shopping)
Cart Competition

Meanwhile, other than passively waiting, there are preliminary works we could do in advance. We need more concerns and voices. As such we initiate an event – Racing (Shopping) Cart Competition. In the event, participants will push a shopping cart loaded with daily goods along the ramp, in order to demonstrate the difficulty of going home in reality. We hope to gain support from other Councillors as well. The details are on a separate leaflet and our website. Would residents please join us for pushing forward the elevator proposal.


Would residents please join us for pushing forward the elevator proposal.

Estate Management:
Understanding “Smart Tender” service by Urban Renewal Authority

The residences of our district are ageing. Residents expressed their concerns about building maintenance both in Owners’ meetings and our mobile office sessions. Recently, Urban Renewal Authority launched the building rehabilitation facilitating services, “Smart Tender”, to provide technical support and professional advice to owners. As residents are interested, here is some information about the scheme, for your reference only:

  1. DIY tools-kit as a guidebook to provide tips for building rehabilitation works; and to elaborate the scheme details.
  2. Independent building professional (eg. Surveyors) to provide cost estimate and general technical advises for the building rehabilitation works.
  3. E-tendering platform to facilitate the tendering for Registered General Building Contractor (RGBC).
  4. Independent professional to assist and witness the tender opening formalities for appointment of RGBC.

There are four stages for their service, which is illustrated in the below diagram:

Sources:Document submitted to TWDC on 26 July by Urban Renewal Authority

The Scheme is formally launched in May 2016. As at the date of this report being published, it is still open for application. URA will charge a rate to cover the operating cost and the maximum service charge is $160,000 (depending on the type of building).

For more information, please visit:

Municipal Services & Hygiene:
Follow up the regular practice of local municipal services





To do it efficiently, if you encounter issues of municipal and hygiene services:

If it falls into these
catagories, and you wish
for immediate follow-up
by government departments:

Please call 1823

The reception will refer your case to the relevant departments

If the relevant department handled the matter improperly or you have opinion on the operation of the municipal services:

Please call our office

We are glad to hear from you and tackle the problem using the mechanism of the Council

Join our working groups to build a better community

We hope to cooperate and communicate with the residents more directly and closely to build a better community through different working  groups.

If you are interested in joining the working group of Transport, SCV/ANG Lift or Promenade Planning,

Please fill in your name、resident and contact, you may let us
know by:
  1. Email to         icon7-03dc@nhl.hk
  2. Whatsapp to  icon8-035546 5506
  3. Submit to       icon9-03District Councillor’s Office

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