District Quarterly No.4: Annual evaluation and outlook

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Quarterly No.4

Annual evaluation and outlook


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Extract of my speeches in the Council

Icons-1EnviroEnvironment and Health

Questioned the method to protect endangered edible species [EHAC 2016-11-03 #3]
Questioned the intention by injecting sealant to pavements [EHAC 2016-11-03 #5]
Criticised the inability to enforce law against dogs fouling of street [EHAC 2016-11-03 #6]

Icons-2TrafficTraffic and Transport

Passed my motion to request A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau all-day [TTC 2016-11-07 #7]

District Planning

Proposed to build municipal facilities on Sham Tseng Gov land [CBPDC 2016-11-08 #4]
Urged to provide details on the proposed bicycle lane ASAP [CAC 2016-11-04 #3]

Facilities Management

Proposed to enhance and add locations for the mobile library [DFMC 2016-11-01 #7]
Urged to be mindful on the design of the columbarium at North Lantau [TWDC 2016-11-29 #3]
Questioned the integrity and safety of cladding of retaining walls [TWDC 2016-11-29 #5]
Proposed to draft a technical guide to roadside vertical greening [TWDC 2016-11-29 #7]
Proposed to study on the feasibility of postal ATM service [TWDC 2016-11-29 #8]

District Planning﹕Proposal to rebuild an integrated municipal complex at Sham Tseng

Sham Tseng lacks municipal facilities. The environment at the government site, which hosts a temporary market, a temporary ball court, a sewage pump, an abandoned sewage treatment plant, a toilet and refuse collection point, is poor and discouraging.

We understood from several street sessions the residents’ wish to improve the area  and I proposed to the Council in November for building a new complex. Although departments positively replied to the proposal, there is no lead department yet. Our office will keep liaising with them. We would appreciate hearing your thoughts, for the betterment of our living environment.

Current Affairs at Council﹕Comments on Plan HK2030+

Under Secretary of Development Bureau visited the Council in November introducing Plan HK2030+. The Plan covers a wide range of topics, in which I participated in the discussion on agricultural policy and transportation policy.

Agricultural Policy

HK2030+ reveals that extensive green area is reserved for “New Agriculture” Policy without addressing the latest developments
Research Programme for Indoor Farming at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Agriculture has evolved into a high tech industry. It is no longer limited by the conventional need of extensive land and labour. Commercial mass production is possible indoor now.

Planning for high tech agriculture no longer means filling up green colour at the area between urban areas, nor zoning the area as “High tech industry”, building Science Park-like office premises and waiting industries come. Constant liaison with target trade should be maintained and compatible economic and land policies should be adopted in order to develop agriculture.




Transportation Policy

HK2030+ reveals no plans to connect East and West New Territories by railway

Despite the government plan to expand commercial activities outside the Metropolitan area, Northern Link is the only planned railway linkage between East and West New Territories.

However, the link between Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan and Sha Tin, which covers nearly a million population and job opportunities, is absent from the long term planning. The congestion at Tuen Mun Road and Shing Mun Tunnels reveals the traffic is almost saturated. As such, a railway link between these three districts is desperately needed.





Annual Statement:District Issues Evaluation and Outlook

Concise report on major works in 2016

Promote to strengthen bus service to Kwuntong & TST

Operator and Trans Dept agreed on the service demand and will positively consider my proposal

Promote revision of standee density & fleet size

An inter-district bill is being prepared to urge Government to start evaluation studies

Propose a lift to connect SCVs and Anglers’ Bay

Listed for evaluation in the next batch and an event is conducted to gather support

Propose an at-grade crossing at the entrance of HKG

Several traffic improvement measures are being adopted in advance, such as bus stop relocation

Strive for airport bus A31P to observe Tsing Lung Tau

My motion was passed at the Council to request A31P to observe Lung Yue Road for all trips

Coordinating reprovision of Anglers’ Beach facilities

Depts agreed arrangements for reservation and its detail design and construction will be followed

Strive for extension of service hours of minibus 308M

Trial of service hours extension to 23:30 finished but it was unsuccessful to regularise the practice

Follow up the cleaning and hygiene services

Dept promised to strengthen the services at slopes, coasts and villages in our district

Promote extension of 234B to Tuen Mun Interchange

Liaising with operator & Trans Dept after consultation

Request to enforce laws against illegal parking

Sham Tseng is now marked as priority areas for illegal parking enforcement actions by the Police

Request to provide special trips of 302 to Tsuen Wan

An inter-residence action is being prepared

Pay attention to burglary cases in our district

Facilitated the conduction of talks inviting the Police for burglary prevention measures


First of all, I am grateful for your continued support and giving me the opportunity to serve as your District Councillor since January 2016. It was a year full of challenges and opportunities, in which I would like to share my thoughts with you. Due to limited paper spaces, please visit our website for full texts.

Change to community environment is a slow process

District Council is established under District Council Ordinance. Although there is no power explicitly stated to confer power to the Council, in the process of public administration the Council has the right to speak and influence decisions. This room for manoeuvre to coordinate district issues becomes important to the administrative work of the Councillor.

Take Coordinating the reprovision of Anglers’ Beach Facilities as an example. The scheme by Leisure and Cultural Services Department contradicts the general expectation of better utilisation of coastal spaces by the residents. Their proposed building may even block the bicycle lane in future. After liaising with different parties, I am able to come up with a scheme which fits the working schedules and objectives of different departments. The intended use under the scheme could also be adjusted according to public opinion. Then the project is able to continue rather than being suspended. However, successful projects like this are very limited. Most of the time I am facing the passiveness and the lack of reasonable commitment of government departments. This reports mentioned the Proposal to rebuild an integrated municipal complex at Sham Tseng, which aims to raise the service level of facilities and provide public open space. In response to my proposal introduced into the agenda at the Council, most government departments described their attitude as “open”. But there is no one to take up the leading role yet. Although liaising with different departments and trying to put pieces together may make me feel like making a vain attempt, of course, I won’t give up.

Since assuming office, there had been lots of district issues I would like to speak about and lots of things I would like to do. But I have to navigate through bureaucracies and realise my objective step-by-step.

Self-interest instincts vs Mutual understanding

When it comes to district issues, it is understandable for residents to speak for their own interests. In handling proposals in the district, besides evaluating the potential benefits to certain residential estates, I have to consider the potential adverse effect to certain other places as well. Transportation and construction of district facilities are the two major controversial topics. Take the transportation to Tsuen Wan, Kwai Ching and Tsing Yi from our district as an example. There are more than 10 routes to these areas serving our district, in which I suppose residents going to these areas are most well served. The fact is that we receive most complaints against these routes. In reality, every route faces its own operational problem. Because every move will in a certain way affects the existing users, it is never an easy job to integrate them and make them effectively serving every residential estate. I regard the proposed Extension of 234B to Tuen Mun Bus Interchange is planting a seed to possibly solve a series of problems. It provides bus service to Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun Bus Interchange from Tsing Lung Tau. It provides opportunities to transfer to the uphill area including Sea Crest Villas and Anglers’ Bay. And it releases seats on the minibus to Tsuen Wan, Kwai Fong and Tsing Yi, which makes it easier to board at en-route stops in Sham Tseng. After the consultation in the Second District Quarterly and street sessions, I understood that some residents would welcome this arrangement to extend the service area and create opportunities for transfer. Meanwhile, I understood some residents worry about the fare increase and less available seats. I will carry your views and liaise with Transport Department and Bus Companies and strive for a multi-win solution. I wish to have your understanding.

Ideal way of work as a district councillor

Communication with constituents is one of the most important duties of the Councillor. Last year, I conducted street sessions quarterly to reach residents. From Tsing Lung Tau to Sham Tseng, I was once at the entrance of your residential estate. What I want is to be closer to the residents, to reduce the threshold of communication and to enhance the exchange of ideas. Apart from street sessions, I mailed my quarterly report to all of you and set up a web page and social page to disseminate information. I try our best to let everyone know and able to participate the district issues.

Being an independent Councillor is challenging, but I always remind myself not to lose my track. The 4-year tenure is short. I will prepare a long-term plan, whose effect may not be visible in a short while. But I believe when we facing issues which require a longer lead time, we should start tackling it even earlier. Railway is most environmentally friendly and highly reliable way of commute. In light of the congestion-prone Tuen Mun Highway and the anticipated surge in Tuen Mun population, building a railway to connect our district is the key to avoid being blocked from getting home in the future. This year I will consult residents on railway transportation in the future, and push forward the Planning of Tuen Mun – Tsuen Wan and Sha Tin Railway when appropriate. The proposed railway is a monorail stretches along the mountainside near Tuen Mun Highway, connecting Tuen Mun West Rail station, Castle Peak Road including Tsing Lung Tau and Sham Tseng, Tsuen Wan Station, Shing Mun Valley and Sha Tin East Rail station. Moreover, when it comes to transportation capacity, I doubt that for bus the existing standee density of 6 persons per square is putting corporate profit before safety. I will advocate Lowering the standee density in calculating occupancy and deploying bus. I will advocate enlarging the fleet size to clear queues, envisioning a better commute environment. This will be conducted in a joint action with other Councillors. I look forward to policies beneficial to the public being implemented as soon as possible.

Now as we enter 2017, may I wish everyone of you a healthy, successful and happy new year!

Join our working groups to build a better community

We hope to cooperate and communicate with the residents more directly and closely to build a better community through different working  groups.

If you are interested in joining the working group of Transport, SCV/ANG Lift or Promenade Planning,

Please fill in your name、resident and contact, you may let us
know by:
  1. Email to         icon7-03dc@nhl.hk
  2. Whatsapp to  icon8-035546 5506
  3. Submit to       icon9-03District Councillor’s Office

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