District Quarterly No.5: Pay attention to the effects of public works

Tsuen Wan Rural
District Quarterly No.5

Pay attention to the effects of public works


Norris Hin Lung Ng
Tsuen Wan District Councillor

Response to Public Consultation: Strive for better minibus service and Protect our traffic flow

1: Responding to the proposed fare increase of minibus route 302

Illustration we produced inviting residents to collectively respond to the consultation in Jan 2017
302A is proposed to increase the chance of boarding

The operator of minibus route 302 applied for a fare increase from $8.8 to $9 in Dec 2016. Section fares increase by $0.2. As a general rule, if the change of consumer prices A of the same period is higher than the proposed fare increase, it is very likely for Trans Dept to approve the fare increase. However, I see this as an opportunity to request for service improvements. 302 is known for insufficient trips and hard to board. I proposed a sub-route 302A which only observes the stops between Hong Kong Garden and Panda Hotel. TD replied that the operator is considering the proposal.

2: Responding to the proposed amendment of road marking at Tuen Mun Road

Consultation document by Trans Dept in Feb 2017

In Feb 2016, TD proposed to convert a section of 200m long double white lines which protects the traffic flow of the leftmost lane of Tuen Mun Road towards Kowloon near Ting Kau Bridge to broken line. I regards the proposal would result in reduction of traffic capacity at Sham Tseng Interchange. The current congestion is caused by the convergence of traffic from Tuen Mun Road and Tai Lam Tunnel to Ting Kau Bridge, which is not solved by the proposal. Our office has made our objection to the proposal.

Environmental Issues : Way ahead to reduce aircraft noise nuisance explained

Landing from Southwest

Wind direction is an important consideration when directing landing from southwest or northeast, told Civil Aviation Department. Our district is less affected by the aircraft noise when southwest landing is adopted. But CAD did not directly answer our question that whether more flights are allowed to land from southwest as long as wind condition allows, in order to reduce noise affecting our district.

Approaches via West Lamma Channel

Since 2003, some flights and specific types of planes may use the West Lamma Channel for landing, told Civil Aviation Department in response to my enquiry. I requested CAD to devise a plan allowing more flights to land in this way, as this approach path is further away from our district which could greatly reduce the aircraft noise we have today.

Steeper Approaches

The test to safely raise the landing angle to 3.25 for reducing aircraft noise in London Heathrow Airport was a success. If this measure is adopted in Hong Kong, the elevation of passing aircrafts at Tsing Lung Tau would be increased from 685 to 738 metres. The aircraft noise would be slightly reduced.


Updates on the third Airport runway under construction

Site inspection hosted by Airport Authority on 6 Jan 2017

The reclamation of the third Airport runway has begun on 1st August 2016, told Airport Authority at the Community Liaison Meeting held on 6th January 2017. Work vessels have arrived at the site and are now conducting tests. The new runway is anticipated to begin operation by 2022, while the Middle runway, which affects us most, will undergo alteration works. Airport Authority anticipated all construction works will be completed by 2024. Then the North runway will be used for landing, the Middle runway for takeoff, the South runway for takeoff or landing or on standby. I have invited Airport Authority for a meeting to further discuss the details of arrival and departure paths in May.

Presentation slides at a community meeting by Airport Authority


Policy Address: Understanding your views towards Policies about which our district is concerned

Several issues and developments related to our district are concerned in Policy Address 2017. These topics may be discussed in the District Council. As we would receive the relevant documents only one week before meetings, we would like to hear your views earlier in order to correctly reflect your opinions.

1: ST Sewage Treatment Works Relocation to Cavern and Property Development

Illustration in “Feasibility Study on Relocation of Sham Tseng Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns” submitted by the Government to District Council in March 2017

Policy Agenda says “Conducting public consultation on the development options for relocating the … Sham Tseng Sewage Treatment Works to caverns, in preparation for the next phase of work”. In January 2016, I have expressed objection to the relocation, based on three reasons: The Treatment Works is not yet a substantial nuisance to our district; Our district will bear prolonged and unnecessary adverse effects during the relocation works; Our district lacks the infrastructural and communal support to increased population.


2: Proposed Route 11

Gazetted plans showing Tsing Lung Bridge for Route 10 in 2002 (Hong Kong Garden is highlighted for easy identification)

Policy Agenda says “We … propose to conduct a feasibility study on Route 11 to link up North Lantau and Yuen Long.” As suggested by the available information, the proposed Route 11 resembles the former Route 10, shown in the left figure. I made an enquiry to Highways Department on 29th January and received a reply with a detailed drawing of the section adjacent to Hong Kong Garden. The drawing is attached for your information.

3: Policy of Elevator System continued

Evaluation criteria of “Provision of Hillside Escalator Links and Elevator Systems, footbridges and elevated walkways” of 2009

Policy Address says ”We will conduct a study at the end of this year to review … the assessment mechanism … and on this basis carry out … preliminary technical feasibility assessments for the … proposals … so as to draw up a timetable for implementing HEL proposals in future.” Transport Department in October 2016 has expressed that our proposed lift connecting Sea Crest Villas and Anglers’ Bay has been included in the list for evaluation. Our proposal would probably be assessed in 2017.

4: Inclusion of Yuen Tun into country park area

Illustration of page 23 in Policy Address of 2017


Policy Address indicates Yuen Tun as “sites for conservation added or proposed in this term of Government”. The training centre of Civil Aid Service now resides in Yuen Tun. It is located deeper in the mountain and can be accessed  through Lung Yue Road, although taking quite a while to walk there.

5: Proposed implementation of solid waste charging

Press release of “Solid Waste Charging” on 20 March 2017

Policy address says “The Government is pressing ahead with preparations to implement quantity-based municipal solid waste charging” and “The Government plans to introduce the bill for implementing waste charging in the current legislative year.“ The Government proposes the charge be set at $0.11 per litre. The number of rubbish bins on the street would be reduced but that of recycle bins increased.

Issue of Street Sleepers: Progress made after issuance of ultimatum to relevant Departments

I have been following up the case of two street sleepers in our district since Jan 2016. The third interdepartmental meeting was conducted on 5th Jan 2017. Bureaucracy was the only word to conclude the meeting. Some conversation is extracted as below. Only after my ultimatum to all relevant departments, threatened to refer the case to the Ombudsman, some progress was finally made which I now report to our residents.

1: No consensus on the definition of refuse, belongings and lost items


2: Attempt to come up with a solution


3: Progress made

Site visit with Pest Control Unit of FEHD on 25 March 2017

The sleeper close to the sea is confirmed to have left. FEHD have cleaned up the area. I had also requested FEHD to clean up the refuse between the boulder and to place rodent’s poison for pest control.
SWD did not practically follow up the case of the sleeper on the footbridge, saying they cannot communicate with the sleeper. After the third interdepartmental meeting, SWD finally commenced their work on this case, hopefully providing welfare assistance to solve the problem.



1: Sewage Treatment Works Relocation to Cavern and Property Development

2: Proposed Route 11

3: Inclusion of Yuen Tun into country park area

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