Past result & Performance indicator

Key performance indicators of the 4-year tenure of Norris Ng

  • Commence 234D the direct service to Kowloon East for residents who work there

  • Extend A31P / A38 the airport bus to observe Tsing Lung Tau full day and reduce the headway to 30 minutes during morning rush hours

  • More trips of 261B and 962E

  • Enhance the road marking of Tsing Kwai Highway and West Kowloon Highway to reduce traffic congestion

  • The proposed lift connecting Castle Peak Road and Sea Crest Villa & Anglers’ Bay was being evaluated by the Government

  • Provide pedestrian pavement along Sham Tseng Village Road

  • Provide seats near Ma Wan Pier bus stop and deter illegal dumping

  • Re-designate the hospital catchment area of Tsing Lung Tau to Yan Chai Hospital

  • Enhance the environment of Lung Yue Road refuse collection point and provide more motorcycle parking spaces

Four-year-tenure passes in the blink of an eye, while the implemented improvements are just the beginning. With your continued support, we carry on to build our better future.

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