Transportation Platform

Strengthen bus schedules and Commence new direct routes

Our vision gradually realised.

Tsing Lung Tau and Sham Tseng is far away from the urban area. Improving the transportation is the most important mission in our district. A vision is what we need before we could improve. It is followed by research and theory and supported by data collected. Apart from inspecting the bus occupancy at bus stops, it is important for a District Councillor to be able to understand the logic of transport operations, to take the opportunity given us by neighbouring developments, in order to advocate for his proposals.

Provide two-way section fare of 52X from Tuen Mun to Sham Tseng
Provide section fare of 962B from HKG to Hong Kong Island
Lower the section fare of 234A / B from Sham Tseng to Sea Crest Villa
Lower the section fare of A38 from Tsing Lung Tau to Tsuen Wan

Other proposals of transportation improvement

  • Shorten the headway of A38 to 30 minutes during rush hours
  • Provide earlier trips of 48P to Shatin and later trips to Tsing Lung Tau to suit the need of residents going to school and work
  • Discuss the arrangement of diverting 96 and 96M to Hoi On Road
  • Regulate the practice of 96 for free interchange to Tsuen Wan Market at Tsuen Wan West Station
  • Request for earlier replacement of minibuses of 302 to 19-seater
  • Provide 308M Tsing Lung Tau special trips by using additional resources

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