Vision: For Council Professionalism & For Closer Communities

Improve design & Supervise works

Ranging from district projects to building maintenance, I could provide advice on the design and construction aspects. I could also obtain advice via my professional network.

Uphold liberty and democracy

I promise to speak for liberty and democracy when it comes to political topics in the Council, including the Government should implement free election of Legco and Chief Executive and respond to “the Five Demands” as soon as possible.

Proactively conducting local consultation

I will disseminate the major Council agenda to the residents and conduct district consultation via various means as long as practicable and reflect residents’ views in the Council.

A true local knowing your needs

I grew up here, in Hong Kong Garden. With your trust, I indeed became the District Councillor of our district 4 years ago. I understand our district and I am confident and able to fight for your need in the Council.

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